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1 PROJECT CONSULT content company & products ... 1 Archive integration for MS Sharepoint Server ... 1 EMC takes over Captiva ... 1 FileNet Records Manager in new version available ... 2 HP takes over RLX Technologies ... 2 HYPARCHIVE Link for GroupWise ... 2 Microsoft presents DOMEA Microsoft Edition ... 3 NeuroPower Technologies ... 3 Pironet NDH with new version of pirobase CMS ... 3 Verity is taken over by Autonomy ... 4 Norms & Standards ... 4 DOMEA 2.0 expanded ... 4 Article ... 4 On the value of the information ... 4 Guest contributions ... 4 The introduction of the electronic file archive at the LVA Rheinprovinz (part 3) ... 4 PROJECT CONSULT News ... 9 Seminar document technologies : Update & outlook CDIA + seminars PROJECT CONSULT on events Benchpark ECM TOP Marlene s WebLinks Top Image Systems, Xerox, Ic4b, Itella, Basware, Mount 10, COI, Overland Storage, Luratech, GCT, Allasso, Network Appliance, Axinom, Imperia, SAP , DMS Factory, Open Text, Microsoft Imprint Newsletter order form ... XX Un companies & products Archive integration for MS Sharepoint Server Unterschleißheim / Munich - In a series of lectures, press releases and press conferences Microsoft (presented different strategies for enterprise content management. On the one hand, the topic of BPM is focused in the context of the new SQL Server, but on the other hand, a uniform archive system interface is proposed for an ECM portfolio. The essential component of the latter approach is the now widespread SPS Sharepoint Portal Server. The providers of ECM solutions will have different options for integrating themselves into the Microsoft environment in the future: via a BPM approach, as a repository via an archive interface or directly into Microsoft products. The latter approach is apparently preferred at the moment. Similar approaches are also evident in the interaction with other applications, such as e.g. via Mendocino with SAP. (RKo) Microsoft's Sharepoint Portal Server, where it is installed as a portal solution, is also increasingly used with its DMS functionalities. However, there is no way of archiving documents in a revision-proof manner. This interface is not easy to implement for the Sharepoint Server because the time at which a document managed in Sharepoint is archived and the synchronization of the DMS and archive system must be handled differently depending on the application. Microsoft has not provided a defined interface here. Of the third-party solutions that have been implemented to date, two providers stood out at the DMS Expo: Portal Systems Consulting GmbH from Hamburg offers d.link for Sharepoint, a complete integration of the d.velop archive system d.3 in Microsoft Sharepoint. d.link for SharePoint can access the d.3 archive bidirectionally. Web parts can display the content of any files and document types and can be integrated into SharePoint on any site. The metadata of both systems is synchronized. The archive storage location can be predefined for each SPS document library. A separate user login is no longer required via single sign-on. With the new additional module windream for Microsoft SharePoint Portal Server, Windream GmbH can also transfer data bidirectionally between the archive and DMS system windream and Sharepoint. Documents archived in windream can be transferred from the list view of Windows Explorer to the SharePoint Portal Server using a command in the Explorer context menu extended in windream. Documents from the SharePoint Portal Server are transferred to windream via a hyperlink. The versioning of the documents and the document history are synchronized. With the ActiveRepository Manager, Tecmasters (offers a solution to store data from MS Office or SharePoint in an audit-proof manner on various DMS systems. It is part of the Microsoft archiving initiative and, like SAP ArchiveLink, is intended to form a standardized interface to archives. (JH) EMC takes over Captiva Schwalbach / Taunus EMC (takes over Captiva Software for 22.25 dollars per share (275 million dollars net) (The EMC Enterprise Archiving Framework is intended to provide a holistic set of rules for the classification, storage, provision, search and access of information. Captiva Software concentrates especially on the digitization, acquisition and cataloging of paper documents and thus on the basis of an automated information lifecycle PROJECT CONSULT Unternehmensberatung GmbH ISSN page 1 of 12

2 PROJECT CONSULT Management. The results can be processed further based on rules and it should be possible to output them transparently in ERP, document and content management information systems. (SMe) Given the current shifts in the market, this announcement does not come as a surprise. It had been expected in the past that Captiva would be a takeover candidate. EMC has already taken over other companies, including larger ones than Captiva. For example, manufacturers of enterprise content management systems such as Documentum and other companies such as Acartus (Legato and others) were taken over by EMC some time ago. EMC claims to be able to offer all components of an enterprise content management suite from a single source Completed takeover processes, approximate conclusions can be drawn about the future procedure with Captiva. Initially, it can be expected that everything will remain the same and that there will be no changes in the software and support that have not already been planned by Captiva Integrating Captiva software more strongly into your own product range. That does not have to be a disadvantage, as the EMC products are presented in a modern middleware architecture. Most likely, EMC will not integrate the openness of the numerous other ECM systems, since then EMC will be the one built by Captiva The market for capture systems collapses would. A change in the sales strategy in which EMC will increasingly try to market the software directly and no longer through partners can be more problematic. This was traditionally different with Captiva. If so, it can have an impact on the quality of service. (CJ) FileNet Records Manager available in a new version Bad Homburg FileNet (provides version 3.5 of its FileNet Records Manager. New in this version are the functions Intelligent Retention and Content Federation Services. With Intelligent Retention it should be possible to use different retention periods Rules and variables can be easily integrated. The FileNet Records Manager enables the administration of retention periods in different countries, jurisdictions and areas of application. With the integration of FileNet Content Federation Services (CFS) it is possible to integrate repositories from FileNet as well as from other providers Perform operations on them. (SMe) The Intelligent Retention functionality implements requirements that have long been found in numerous standards and best practices for records management, the dynamic management of retention periods depending on different input conditions changes, changing periods of time and taking into account the later disposal. The records management module now also uses the comprehensive Federated Repository concept from FileNet, which can integrate different memories. The combination with workflow and business process management to control the creation, processing and filing processes completely and consistently is still open. (OCH) HP takes over RLX Technologies Böblingen - HP (takes over the blade server specialist RLX Technologies for an undisclosed amount. RLX had given up manufacturing hardware and concentrated on the management software control tower. HP wants the software to manage Integrate Linux-based blade servers into its own solutions and thus offer uniform infrastructure management for Linux, Unix and Windows. The employees of RLX Technologies are to be taken over by HP. (FH) Hewlett Packard is in the race for the information lifecycle management market A number of providers in the storage management segment were bought up in a very short time, for example in addition to RLX also Peregrine Systems (and AppIQ (At RLX, the control tower software was of particular interest, at Peregrine the IT infrastructure management and at AppIQ the memory management. With these new components HP should be able to manage essential L to close the portfolio even though competitors such as IBM and EMC with their additional software in the field of archiving, document management and business process management, as well as special long-term archiving hard disk systems such as DRT 450 or Centera continue to have a clear lead. (StM) HYPARCHIV Link for GroupWise Hamburg GFT Solutions (introduces another interface module for its HYPARCHIV product line that was developed with partners. The interface aims at the direct integration of the Novell Groupwise product. Groupwise can be used as a pure program, but can also be used as a collaboration environment. Groupwise supports open operating systems such as Linux. (CM) Anyone looking for a standard archiving product for Novell Groupwise will find it difficult. bpi solutions (with HYPARCHIV Link for GroupWise (HLG) offers such a solution for the archive system HYPARCHIV of GFT Solutions (PROJECT CONSULT Unternehmensberatung GmbH ISSN page 2 of 12

3 PROJECT CONSULT. HYPARCHIV is a long-established system with a focus on archiving, DMS and workflow. The HLG was developed in cooperation between bpi solutions from Bielefeld as a Competence Center for HYPARCHIV Enterprise by GFT and based on the GWArchiveManager from Maintainet AG (from Gelnhausen as a Novell partner. The GWArchiveManager from Maintainet is a GroupWise plug-in and is operated by Novell automatically distributed. The HY-PARCHIV link from bpi runs as a web service. Archiving can be controlled based on mail, folders and rules. The attachments are replaced by links to HYPARCHIV, otherwise the original mail is retained. Thus, the user retains his GroupWise look & Feel with full functionality. System requirement is Novell GroupWise 6.5 with SP4. The storage area in the GroupWise server is drastically reduced by archiving (manufacturer information up to 80%), which of course results in a significant increase in the performance of the overall system. The solution can be through further products of the HYPARCHIV product family are to be expanded. (JH) Microsoft presents DOMEA Microsoft Edition Unterschleißheim - Microsoft (presented at the Moderner Staat trade fair together with Open Text (the new DOMEA Microsoft Edition. The solution for process processing and document management in public administration should now also integrate Office 2003 in DOMEA, so that employees can continue to work in their familiar office environment. The new version should be able to be used for the complete electronic processing of cases. (SMe) Microsoft has very cleverly repositioned itself in the public administration market. While we all remembered that the public administration wants to move in the direction of Linux and Open Office, Microsoft has managed, through cooperation with OpenText E-Government, to even get the DOMEA seal on the marketing brochures without having to submit to the certification program yourself. OpenText contributes the DOMEA stamp and thus opens the doors to Microsoft in public administration. For this, Microsoft even accepts that the OpenText components used are sometimes in direct competition with Microsoft's own products. The added value of the cooperation for the customers in the public administration comes almost exclusively through the direct integration of the Office products, the SQL server as a database for the DOMEA product has been around for a long time. But OpenText itself has to do a lot again with its DOMEA solution, since with DOMEA 2.0 and especially the recently published additional requirements, a number of functions have to be supplemented. Ultimately, however, the DOMEA rating is just a kind of entry ticket to the Public Sector market as numerous administrations continue to buy non-domea-certified products and even the BVA's new Favorit-4 system, based on Documentum, is not yet DOMA_2- Bears stamp. (Kff) NeuroPower Technologies Bonn Neuropower () supports in the version 2005 of its desktop search engine Superior Search the search in files locally on the hard disk as well as on network drives. A number of office and archive formats should be indexed and searchable. According to the manufacturer, s and attachments can be saved in the file formats of Outlook (Express), Lotus Notes, AOL Communicator, The Bat! as well as in Unix mailbox format. The software Digest 2005 should be able to summarize web content and text documents and present an overview to the user. (SMe) Neural networks, pattern recognition and speech recognition are the topics that the developers at Bonn-based NeuroPower Technologies GmbH deal with. The company offers solutions such as Sense Detector, with which the texts can be analyzed according to semantic aspects, as well as Automatical Text Analyzing with which a short version of the analyzed text can be automatically created. Two standard products have emerged from the various developments: Superior Search, a tool for desktop search. The new version Superior Search 2005 is aimed entirely at the commercial sector, e.g. with the support of databases such as DB2 or Oracle. One of its strengths is certainly the support for a very large number of file formats, including e-mails, mail attachments and compressed files. Digest analyzes web content and text documents and summarizes them. On the basis of this short version, the user can e.g. Assess texts and decide whether to continue reading. The tool can be integrated into MS Internet Explorer for analyzing Internet pages. The software also summarizes multilingual documents. German, English and Russian are supported as languages. Superior Search as a tool will not have it easy as a tool in an already highly competitive special segment in which free solutions are also available, even if the product really does find better and faster results. However, the announced integration of Digest could become the unique selling point that sets NeuroPower technology apart from other providers on the market. (JH) Pironet NDH with new version of pirobase CMS Cologne Pironet NDH (introduces version 6.0 of the content management solution pirobase CMS. The user interface was made

4 PROJECT CONSULT completely revised and introduced two new extensions with the Web Documentation Tool as well as the Impact Analysis. The software, which is embedded in a J2EE application server, is intended to support companies in complying with legal regulations, guidelines and institutional framework conditions. pirobase CMS provides a platform to map all information processes in companies as part of the content life cycle. (SMe) With the conversion to J2EE, the encapsulation of functionality and the expansion of individual functions beyond content management, Pironet should pave the way from the corner of web content management to enterprise content management. Approaches for compliance and records management can then also be found. However, Pironet still has a long way to go to a universally applicable solution like the one that the big competitors have in the meantime. The question here is whether it would not be better to focus on dedicated core businesses. After all, Pirobase is trendy with the new approach that was introduced last year by CMS companies such as Vignette, Stellent or Interwoven. Pure CMS, or better, WCMS, will no longer be enough in the future. (OCH) Verity is taken over by Autonomy Hamburg Autonomy (takes over the search specialist Verity (for approx. 500 million US dollars. The provider of infrastructure software for websites, which so far does not offer search engines according to its own information), is thus expanding its product range to include search and classification software Verity K2 Enterprise and Verity Ultraseek. Through the combination of the technologies from both companies the customers should be offered a broader range of solutions. (CM) The takeovers in the IT branch come in quick succession. Here the market for DRT Document Related Technologies is no exception There are clear overlaps in the product portfolio of the two providers, so that the question is allowed whether Autonomy is only interested in the market share and the customers of Verity. K2 is, however, widespread in numerous DMS and ECM products on the market as an integrated component, see above that this also opens up new opportunities for Autonomy in the channel and OEM business ben. Verity as a full-text engine was often used as a supplement to the management of documents with relational index databases. The company Verity had made a few attempts to position itself as an ECM provider. The trend towards market consolidation continues and many other medium-sized providers will be merged into larger conglomerates. (MHH) Norms & Standards DOMEA 2.0 expanded The coordination and advice center for information technology in the federal administration (KBSt) has revised the DOMEA organizational concept and will now provide it in the modified version 2.1.The KBSt has published five DOMEA expansion modules, with the modules form management and IT-supported process processing Volume 76 Content management and process processing systems Volume 77 Payment platform and process processing systems Volume 78 Data protection in IT-supported process processing systems Volume 79 Project guide for the introduction of IT-supported process processing Volume 80 is about. In addition, she has revised the expansion modules "Virtual Post Office and Case Processing Systems" and "Internal and Inter-Authority Communication". The documents are available on the KBSt website: (CM) Article On the Value of Information Copy of the recording of the keynote at, DMS EXPO 2005 Conference, Messe Essen by Dr. Ulrich Kampffmeyer managing director and strategy consultant at the PROJECT CONSULT Unternehmensberatung GmbH. Upon popular request, PROJECT CONSULT provides the copy of the keynote including image material as a download under Vom% 20Wert% 20der% 20Information.pdf Guest contributions The introduction of the electronic file archive at the LVA Rheinprovinz (part 3) By Achim Nolte and Achim Pilatus, management of the department Insurance, pension and rehabilitation at the LVA Rheinprovinz. Reprinted from communications 7-8 / 2004 with the kind permission of the press office of the LVA Rheinprovinz Düsseldorf. The article describes the status of the project in autumn part 1 and 2 of the article appeared in the newsletter editions and PROJECT CONSULT Unternehmensberatung GmbH ISSN page 4 of 12

5 PROJECT CONSULT Here the already created note can be viewed in the middle of the screen. In addition, the creation date (and time) of the note and the author (with his three-digit user code) are displayed. In the upper area of ​​the screen - as when entering the first note - another note can be saved. 4.5 Priorities The electronic documents can be given a certain priority. In addition to the default normal ", the priorities important" and unimportant "can be set here. This is done again from the editing window. The appropriate selection must be made in the list box provided for this purpose. (Figure 28) Figure 28 Finally, the disk symbol is again for Save the entry. The set priorities are only shown in the hit list. Here you have the option of sorting the documents according to their priority. Due to the newly created functionality "work files", the setting of priorities is possible during practical processing of the old electronic files are likely to be of minor importance. 4.6 Printing documents As already described elsewhere, all documents are stored in the single-page PDF "file format. As a result, only individual pages can be printed (for printing a file as a whole -> see chapter Extended rights") . However, this is also wanted, since old files should generally be processed without paper. To print out a single page, the relevant document must be opened. The printout is initiated in the Acrobat Reader window by pressing the printer symbol. (Figure 29) Figure 29 The printed documents are images in the narrower sense. The resource consumption is correspondingly in the case of the add-on printers that are not designed for this. Documents that have already been digitized should therefore only be printed out if this is absolutely necessary for the rapid processing of the file. The printed documents are automatically given a so-called watermark ". These are informational texts that are applied in the upper and lower areas of the document during the printing process. This ensures that no relevant information is covered. In the upper area of ​​the document The following dynamic text is printed: LVA Rheinprovinz, den xx.xx.xxxx insurance number "In the lower area, the following, always identical text is output: This is a reproduction of a scanned original. The reproduction agrees with the original. "(Figure 30) PROJECT CONSULT Unternehmensberatung GmbH ISSN page 5 of 12

6 PROJECT CONSULT Figure 30 The central printing of a file is only to be initiated if the process has to be given to external third parties (for example to a court or another pension insurance carrier). In order to trigger central printing, the authorized user must first open any document. The toolbar then appears, which is now equipped with additional functions. (Figure 31) Figure 31 This ensures that these documents can always be assigned to the correct file and that it can be seen at first glance that it is a reproduction of a document that has already been scanned. This is particularly important if the newly created process is being prepared for digitization after it has been completed. In order to avoid re-scanning of the documents printed out via the additional printer, it is necessary to recognize them as such and thus to remove them from the new file to be digitized. 5. Extended rights There is an archive application with extended rights that cannot be called up by standard users for a selected group of people, which is made up of employees from all areas concerned with the electronic file. For this, a separate login with a user name and password is required, which is independent of the Akit clerk dialog. The extended rights include, in particular, the following functionalities: Central printing of the entire file Checking the qualified electronic signature Deactivating documents Sorting documents to a different VSNR The archiving application with extended rights basically corresponds to the application for the standard user. It just added more features. 5.1 The central printing of a complete file Now the printer symbol, which is only in this extended application, has to be clicked. As a result, the complete file is printed out in the computer center of the head office. The print results will be sent to the requesting party as soon as possible. As with single-sheet printing, the print results receive a note (watermark "), which shows that it is a reproduction from the digital archive. Here too, of course, the insurance number as well as the surname and first name of the insured person are printed. The watermark is applied in the central printing in the area of ​​the perforation on the left edge of the sheet 5.2 Checking the qualified electronic signature As already mentioned elsewhere, all documents that are sent to the electronic archive are provided with a qualified electronic signature, which is confirmed by a valid signature that the electronic document has not been changed after scanning and thus corresponds to the original. The validity of the signature can be checked by clicking on the corresponding symbol in the toolbar (see figure above) and, in case of doubt, can also be proven. 5.3 Inactivating documents A Another functionality that is only available to users with extended rights is the so-called inactivating of documents. In the PROJECT CONSULT Unternehmensberatung GmbH ISSN page 6 of 12

7 PROJECT CONSULT further editing window is available for this a corresponding list box. (Figure 32) Figure 32 was accidentally stapled in a wrong transaction or an insurance number for which a file already exists is closed for various conceivable reasons and replaced by another. The physical documents are then to be re-stapled or the physical file is to be provided with a new file sticker. In the electronic archive, users with extended rights also have the option of moving documents to a different insurance number. It is not necessary that there are already documents in the new "electronic file. In this way, an electronic file can be created from scratch. Moving documents across insurance numbers is also done from the extended editing window. Here the Possibility of entering the relevant insurance number manually. (Figure 34) Figure 34 Here the status of a document can be set from Active: yes "to Active: no". As a result, the document still exists, but not for the user The document has been moved to the trash, which, however, cannot be emptied even by the user with extended rights. (Figure 33) Figure 33 The trash, which is not visible to the standard user, can be opened by the user with extended Rights can be viewed at any time and documents located there can also be retrieved from him the status Active: yes ". The inactivation can thus be reversed. Since working with electronic files is still in its infancy, this functionality will not be used for the time being. 5.4 Moving documents to another insurance number As part of practical work with physical files, it sometimes happens that documents die The insurance number specified in this way is checked by the system to determine whether it is available in the insurance account inventory of the LVA Rheinprovinz. Documents can therefore only be moved to valid insurance numbers whose account is held with the LVA Rheinprovinz or has been managed once in the past. Using the functions already described above with regard to the re-sorting of documents it is thus possible in a comfortable way to separate individual documents, document chains (possibly all) or several non-related documents PROJECT CONSULT Unternehmensberatung GmbH ISSN page 7 of 12

8 PROJECT CONSULT to move to another insurance number. 6 Future plans for the research client Although the archive application has already been designed to be comfortable, work on improvements and extensions will of course also be continued. The following changes should be mentioned in particular: Central printing of parts of files Blocking parts of reports for unauthorized users Input field for the direct display of certain pages Attaching office documents Securing notices Archiving of s Sending electronic documents or files via The plans for the projects mentioned are located are in a different stage of realization. In some cases, the necessary work has already been initiated, in some cases the conception has not even started. It is possible that one or the other functionality will ultimately not be implemented after weighing the cost / benefit ratio. At this point, it is therefore only briefly presented which specific improvements are to be achieved through the proposed changes. 6.1 Central printing of parts of the file: So far, it has only been possible to print out either individual pages or the entire file. Since the practical work with the file resulted in the requirement in individual cases to reproduce only certain file parts for the purpose of sending to external bodies (e.g. sending the medical report to a professional association), the possibility is to be created here to only use the file part for this part of the file, if desired to initiate central pressure. 6.2 Blocking parts of the report for normal users The medical reports are not relevant for the processing of business transactions in the core business. The data protection regulations therefore forbid people who, due to their area of ​​responsibility, do not need access to expert reports, nevertheless have access to them. The medical documents will therefore only be able to be viewed by a restricted group of people (e.g. medical service department, head of department, specialist adviser) in the future. It is therefore intended to suppress the actual display of these documents for the normal "user. However, it is also visible to normal users that a part of the report is available. 6.3 Input field for the direct display of certain pages, especially when checking work orders by a manager it becomes necessary that very specific documents in the old files have to be viewed. It is common for the person preparing the work order to note the numbers (page numbers) of the documents on which the proposed decision is based on the work order. These documents can be called up directly by manually entering the corresponding page number in an input field. 6.4 Attaching Office documents As part of the process processing, Office documents (e.g. Word, Excel) are sometimes created in our processing department. For example, some employees are running a repayment plan in the form of an Excel table is created for the garnishments. These office documents are also to be added to the electronic file in the future. 6.5 Saving of notices The notices generated by our processing department are mostly sent directly to the insured person (s) and are kept as duplicates exclusively electronically in a file, i.e. not in paper form in the physical file. This type of electronic storage of data will no longer be legally permitted in the future. The notices will therefore soon be stored in the digital file as PDF documents including a qualified electronic signature. This means that they can be easily researched by the user at any time and saved in accordance with the legal requirements. 6.6 Archiving s: In the course of advancing technology, the communication medium "is becoming more and more important. It is assumed that the number of insured persons who also contact their" pension insurance company with s will steadily grow. The aim here is to create the option of adding incoming s that relate to a specific business transaction directly to the electronic file. 6.7 Sending electronic documents or a file as long as our files are requested by external bodies (e.g. other pension insurance carriers, courts) PROJECT CONSULT Unternehmensberatung GmbH ISSN page 8 of 12

9 PROJECT CONSULT, these have to be sent so far in physical form. The aim is therefore to develop a secure method by which these confidential documents can be sent in electronic form. This form of file dispatch naturally brings considerable cost and time savings with it. Alternatively, it would also be conceivable to also send electronic documents / files as part of the existing data exchange between the pension insurance funds. The data exchange project group will deal with this shortly at the Association of German Pension Insurance Institutions. PROJECT CONSULT News Seminar Document Technologies: Update & Outlook 2006 Hamburg - Those who have their finger on the pulse of document technologies such as ECM and the associated main topics compliance, ILM (information Lifecycle Management), SOA (Service Oriented Application) and EAI (Enterprise Application Integration) and regards it as one of his most important tasks to keep his company's information from e-mails to electronically signed documents to tax-relevant documents, organizational and technical, among other things Keeping control is in good hands with the PROJECT CONSULT seminar in January 2006. The update and the outlook 2006 on document technologies continues the series of events of the last few years on market & trends from PROJECT CONSULT GmbH 2:00 p.m. 6:30 p.m. as follows: on in Cologne on in Hamburg am in Munich am in Frankfurt Dr. Ulrich Kampffmeyer and senior consultants from PROJECT CONSULT take a position on current topics of document technologies in the user and provider group. They give an overview of the questions that are important from the user's point of view. The focus is on ECM, compliance, user requirements versus strategies of the leading providers, architectures and standards. The half-day seminar costs 295.00 euros including documentation, drinks during breaks and proof of advanced training plus statutory VAT. CDIA + Seminars 2006 Hamburg If you want to do something for your training and further education as an IT professional in 2006, you should book the date listed below for the 1st quarter Reserve 2006. You can register up to 4 weeks before the start of the course. The CDIA + 4 day course is held in English and prepares students for the international exam (English test). For this purpose, over 200 test questions from previous computer tests are dealt with. The CDIA + certificate contains the world's most important specialist knowledge of technologies and procedures for planning, designing and implementing document management systems. Organizer Event Type PROJECT CONSULT GmbH Comptia CDIA + 4-day course (K112) Course with certificate Title CDIA + topics Technical content: Kickoff strategy, analysis, justification and application for a project Conceptual design draft, conversion Technical pilot implementation exercise, sample test Roundtable on current standards and legal questions in Germany. Speaker Cert. CDIA + trainer Dr. Ulrich Kampffmeyer, Chief Consultant Date Further dates, locations and in-house events on request Time Location URL 09:00 17:00 h / 19:00 h Hamburg (SKK) Whoever has the expertise of Dr. Kampffmeyer as a well-known specialist speaker and industry expert and would like to use our senior consultants on site, should register in good time. The exact agenda, information on the event hotel and the registration form are available on request under PROJECT CONSULT Unternehmensberatung GmbH ISSN page 9 of 12

10 PROJECT CONSULT PROJECT CONSULT on events organizer event type title speakers and moderation date time places URL Vereon DMS document management forum dialogue and short presentations document management Dr. Ulrich Kampffmeyer, PROJECT CONSULT Renate Karl, dsk in Munich in Hamburg 09:00 10:30 am Munich, Hamburg The current ECM top ten group A rating (10 = Excellent, 0 = weak) 1 FileNet GmbH 6.14 2 EMC Documentum GmbH 4.82 3 Microsoft GmbH (Content Management ... 4.64 4 OpenText GmbH (Livelink) 4.64 Group B Rating (10 = Excellent, 0 = weak) 1 lemon42 9.59 2 Step One GmbH 9.27 3 ContentServ GmbH 7.87 4 CONTENS Software GmbH 6.71 5 RedDot Solutions AG (Hummingbird) 6.39 Organizer Event Type Title Euroforum Euroforum Conference IT Compliance Documentation obligations according to SOX, GDPdU, GoBS & Co Lecture compliance and document management topics Document management as support for Fulfillment of compliance requirements Use cases for use: SOX, Basel II, GoBS, GDPdU and other principles of electronic archiving Enterprise content management as an infrastructure for compliance Possibilities and limits of electronic document management Outlook: Insel avoid solutions. Compliance is a universal requirement Speaker Dr. Ulrich Kampffmeyer Date Time Location URL 16:30 17:15 Frankfurt / M. (SKK) Deadline:, 5:30 p.m. Note: the ratings still refer to WCM solutions Benchpark ECM TOP 10 The attentive observer will not have missed the fact that the Benchpark Top 10 still only includes 4 or 5 companies . There are two reasons for this. On the one hand, a differentiation was made by dividing ECM and WCM into two categories, which also led to a reduction in the number of companies listed. The list of providers in the area of ​​ECM will be supplemented shortly. Secondly, ratings expire after a defined period of time, so that less information is taken into account or there are no current ratings at all. The current ratings are based to a large extent on the WCM components of the providers. The evaluation of ECM will only prevail in the next few months when the WCM evaluations expire. (FH) PROJECT CONSULT Unternehmensberatung GmbH ISSN page 10 of 12

11 PROJECT CONSULT Marlene s WebLinks Top Image Systems (TIS), Cologne, and Xerox, Neuss, expand their cooperation with projects in Germany, France and Latin America, which has existed for 8 years, by further 13 European countries. The cooperation includes joint appearances at trade fairs and road shows as well as the coordination of marketing activities. Ic4b AG, Munich, presents version 3.1 of its content management system Web4biz. It should be intuitive to use and the modular structure should allow easy adaptation. Itella GmbH, Frankfurt am Main, has signed a cooperation agreement with Basware GmbH, Düsseldorf. The two companies want to work together in the German market for electronic invoice processing. Mount 10, Hamburg, presents together with COI, Herzogenaurach, software for legally compliant archiving of s for small and medium-sized companies. It is intended to guarantee legal security in data storage. Overland Storage, San Diego, offers storage expansion modules for the REO 900 backup and recovery appliance. The 16 hot-spare capable hard disks are configured as RAID 5 and allow expansion by 4 or 8 terabytes to up to 38 TB. Luratech GmbH, Berlin, presents a solution for optimized automatic incoming mail processing. LuraDocument, which saves the output in JPM or PDF format, serves as the basis. GCT GmbH, Mühltal, presents the new product series DOCInform, which, in addition to the filing of digital documents, is also intended to enable the capture of content in paper form. Allasso, Munich, is expanding its product portfolio to include storage through the partnership with Network Appliance, Hamburg. Allasso will offer the full range of Network Appliance products through resellers and system integrators. Axinom, Fürth, is now offering every new version of its license-free enterprise management system AxCMS.net for immediate download. The intervals between two new releases should be shortened to 2-3 weeks for users. Imperia, Hürth, offers a seamless integration into the enterprise portal of SAP, Walldorf, for the new version 8 of its content management system. Luratech, Berlin, and DMS Factory, Rödermark, have decided to cooperate in order to integrate the compression technology from Luratech into the document management system Tinca Enterprise from DMS Factory. An interface for LuraDocument JPM and the LuraTech Viewer are available for Tinca Enterprise. OpenText, Grasbrunn, announced that the asset management solution of the subsidiary Artesia will support the SQL Server 2005 from Microsoft, Unterschleissheim, as a database platform. The SQL Server offers the necessary scalability and robustness. PROJECT CONSULT Unternehmensberatung GmbH ISSN page 11 of 12

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