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02.10.2018 08:30
German Child Protection Association (DKSB)

(Berlin) - On the International Day of Nonviolence, the Child Protection Association calls for a non-violent upbringing. The implementation of the right to nonviolence is essential for peaceful coexistence.

This was also shown by a report commissioned by the Federal Ministry of Family Affairs at the beginning of the year: More and more young people are growing up in their families without violence. In school surveys, the proportion of children and adolescents who did not experience violence in their childhood has risen from 43 percent to a good 60 percent. At the same time, parents are increasingly adopting positive parenting styles, especially with regard to emotional affection. In connection with this, the acceptance of violence is falling, even among people of the same age. All of this makes it clear that prevention works.

"Conversely, these figures also mean that almost 40 percent of all children and young people still experience violence in their childhood, so further efforts are necessary," says the President of the Child Protection Association, Heinz Hilgers. "After all, children in Germany have a right to a non-violent upbringing. Corporal punishments, emotional injuries and other degrading measures are inadmissible. After long efforts by organizations such as the Child Protection Association, this has been in the civil code since 2000," Hilgers continued.

"A blow to children is a blow to our society. Children who grow up non-violently become adults who solve conflict situations non-violently - and thus responsible citizens who strengthen our civil society. A great asset, especially in view of the challenges of our time should not be underestimated, "said Hilgers.

The Kinderschutzbund developed preventive offers at an early stage, such as the successful parent education program Strong Parents - Strong Children®. The program shows parents ways in which conflict situations in the family can be resolved non-violently. In addition, the Child Protection Association offers numerous courses and materials in the field of early aid.

International Day of Nonviolence
In 2007 the General Assembly of the United Nations proclaimed October 2nd International Day of Nonviolence. This date is also the birthday of Mahatma Gandhi, who changed the history of India as a peaceful revolutionary and heightened international awareness of the power of nonviolence.

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