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How do essential oils work?

The olfactory nerves send signals to the brain

They have a double effect on the nose because they smell. That is, they contain fragrances to which the receptors in our nose are very sensitive. And the olfactory nerves also pass the signal on to the brain and in this way can influence moods or awaken memories, depending on what we associate with the special smell.

Essential oils penetrate the body

If the essential oils get into the nose, they don't just smell, they penetrate the body through the mucous membranes. It is an essential characteristic of essential oils that their molecules pass through cell membranes and through the skin and act in this way. They do this not only with mucous membranes, but also with "normal" skin. We feel this immediately when we smear it on our skin in the concentrated form of a cold balm. When you get into the bathtub and refine the bath water with essential oils, these oils also develop their effect because they penetrate the skin. What they do there, whether they have a relaxing or stimulating effect, depends on the particular oil. But in any case, they get through the skin directly into the underlying tissue and into the blood.

Also absorbed through the stomach

In addition, there is a third way: We also absorb essential oils through the stomach when we eat corresponding plants, especially in connection with spices. Ginger, thyme, peppermint - they all contain essential oils. And when we season our food, we absorb these oils through the stomach.