This cat hates me


“I currently have a cat at home (to take care of a friend who is on vacation). I think she hates me. Can not be petted by me at all (although the owner said that it is a cuddly cat). I know cats can show love. But hate? Can they do that too? And if so, why does she hate me? I give her food! "


Aside from a direct hissing and scratching, there are actually a few more subtle signs that a cat doesn't like someone (whether human, cat, or mouse), has reservations, is aggressive, or is aggressive:

If you are otherwise nice to the cat, skip perfume or try agents that do not smell strong (soap, shower gel, shampoo, hand cream, washing-up liquid, hairspray, etc.)

About the author: Robin Janik

For me, the fascination of cats lies in their sensitive nature. For many years I have dealt with undesirable behavior in cats for no physical cause. Bach flower therapy is an effective remedy for cats with disorders and has been used successfully countless times by me.