Does SimTower work on Windows 10

Start Windows 95 in Windows 10, Linux and MacOS

Panagiotis Kolokythas

Windows 95 is 25 years old. So you can start the Windows oldie as an app in current operating systems for the anniversary.

EnlargeWindows 95 as an app for Windows, Linux and macOS

Windows 95 came onto the market on August 24, 1995 and is celebrating its 25th birthday this year. See also our article: 25 years ago - Windows 95 takes off.

Would you like to experience Windows 95 yourself (again)? This is not a problem with the Windows 95 v2.2.2 application (downloadable here) for Windows, Linux and macOS by Felix Rieseberg.

Younger people in particular are unlikely to know what it felt like to work with Windows 95 back then. After all, it was the first Windows operating system that fully supported 32-bit processors and was also compatible with the old 16-bit DOS applications. However, MS-DOS was still used as the basis for the home operating system, which was not to change until much later and after Windows 98 and Windows Me with Windows XP (released on October 25, 2001).

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The Slack developer Rieseberg, employed by Electron, has been working on the resurrection of Windows 95 for some time. The Windows 95 application uses the open source framework Electron, which means that all files required to run a program are contained in one package.

For example, under Windows 10 64-bit you only have to download the 64-bit stand-alone version of Windows 95 v2.2.2 and unzip it into a folder. The download size is around 300 megabytes. You can then simply start the app using the "windows95.exe" file. And then let off steam in the virtual version of Windows 95.

Tip: The mouse pointer is caught in the window of the Windows 95 virtual environment. With the Esc key you can "free" the mouse pointer and use it again outside the window.

Unfortunately, Internet Explorer doesn't work because the app can't connect to the Internet. It's a shame, especially since the old AOL software is included. But almost all other programs and games known from Windows 95 are included.

So you can play a round of Solitaire, Freecell or Minesweeper, draw something in MS Paint or just let off steam on the Windows 95 interface to bring back memories from the old days.

A few classics from PC game history are included, which are located in the "C: \ Games" folder on the virtual hard drive, among other things. These include, for example, Doom, Grand Prix Circuit, A10 Tank Killer and the Funpack 3D, which brings 3D variants of games such as Pacman, Missile Defense and the 3D variant of Pacman. It is also worth taking a look at the start menu: This is where you will find the early Maxis game Sim Tower.

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