Are square business cards cool or annoying

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Real beer coasters: take heart. 
Whether as a heart, round, square, as a speech bubble or a shamrock. Make a grand entrance with these 1.4 mm thick, real beer felts. And if that's not enough: We can also punch your individual shape for a small surcharge. What is needed? Car, house, tree, airplane, ship, country outline or, or, or ...

Chic business cards on brown fine wave. 
If you are looking for unusual business cards - here you will be helped ;-). You can order these pieces of jewelery from as little as 100 pieces. The production time is 3 to 4 working days. 100 copies are printed in 4 colors on one side and cost EUR 95.00 plus VAT.

Footprints and boot marks as creative advertising media. 
These inexpensive advertising materials are often used at trade fairs and at new openings. The contour cut ensures a "real" look, the transparent, self-adhesive film becomes almost invisible after it has been affixed. Let your creativity take over your mind and body.

Business cards II: Classy and cool, printed in white on plastic 
The exclusively white digital print looks particularly elegant on the translucent plastic used and the rounded corners add value to the card. Like almost everything else, we produce these fine cards in small quantities. The price for 100 pieces is EUR 120.00 plus VAT.

Football EM: Something to loosen up 
Mehmet Scholl's criticism of Mario Gomez caused quite a stir last week. And Mario gave the answer against the Netherlands on the pitch ;-). He would also like to have this t-shirt in his closet.

Heaven42 fine paper in digital printing 
Since we have had this noble, ultra-white picture printing material in the online shop, it has been enjoying increasing popularity. No wonder: the demand for extraordinary papers is growing steadily. The cool whiteness of this material is fascinating and the smooth surface ensures brilliant printing results. We already produce from 10 copies z. B. Invitation cards on this chic printing material.

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