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  • olli (born 1991) on

    so i'm now recording seasons 6-8 ...... and when they appear on dvd i'll buy them too ......
  • Oliver (born 1986) on

    Hi, have the 6th, 7th and 8th season in German. There are only 3 episodes missing, but thanks to Sixx I still get them. These are now on my hard drive. I think it's cool that I have it now.
    • tv-deluxe2000 (born 1987) on

      'I think I will say it too - the verse is more beautiful than a bush!' - Kimmy Gibbler.

      Hello Oliver.
      Avarice is NOT cool - Avarice is shit!
      Nice that you have the 6th to 8th season on your hard drive (probably downloaded from somewhere, huh ?!) - but do you think of all the FANS of the series who are fighting for the DVD box to appear one day? With all 8 seasons and lots of bonus material! Sorry, but comments like yours are really stuffy. Thumbs down!
    • Eric_Z on

      Why so nasty? You don't know its source. I also have all the episodes on my record because I recorded them on VHS back then. But you really can't blame anyone. But if the time comes, I would also buy the DVD box. But you don't have to hope for extras. Older series rarely have something like that on board. But I know Oliver his source :-)
    • tv-deluxe2000 (born 1987) on

      What is there to reproach?
      I'm just saying what's going on here. Current!

      I don't say anything more to Oliver's rash comment except that it's just ridiculous that we fans of the series are scraps of completely unnecessary quark. I do my thing! ;-)

      Does anyone here actually get the fact that we fans of the series were ripped off by the German media pool for many years?

      Full house is running in the UK, full house is running in India, full house is running in China, full house is running in Russia, in the USA ... I won't say anything more! Check it out for yourself:

      If Full House had EVER had a single flop - it would have gone under like, unfortunately, 'Land of the Lost 2' ~ 'In the Land of the Dinosaurs' (1991-1993) !!!

      I won't say anything more about VHS / DVD / DVR recording.
      Anyone who has a video recorder can still consider themselves lucky!

      On the subject of DVD Box Full House seasons 1 to 8/9 I only say:
      Wait, as always!
    • # 1003279 on

      Hey, I was in exactly the same situation and recorded one of the three missing episodes today. Unfortunately, I totally missed recording the episode 'Michelle on four wheels'. Can you send it to me
  • No matter (born 1992) on

    Dear Community! Unfortunately I can only receive Sixx from 9 a.m. Before that, "Teletip" is running. I am very angry about it at the moment. But well, let's see, on Sunday they also showed two episodes of the fifth season, maybe it'll work out then.
  • Stefan! (born 1994) on

    Hi dear community! I haven't been active here in the forum for a long time and recently saw an episode of the fifth season running on Sixx. And what do my amazed eyes see here on TV series? The sixth season will be broadcast from April 9th, 2015, i.e. the day after tomorrow. Finally we have taken another step, which is very important, when nowadays such pointless programs like "Cologne 90-what-know-I" or some other nonsense is running on television. To this day I still cannot understand why such loveless productions have displaced the slots for heartwarming sitcoms like "Full House"? Why not finally show the "classic" 90s series like "A Strong Family" with which we children of the 90s grew up? What do I get from a teenage boy who is dead boiling and escapades where you can actually only turn off the television by shaking your head? Why is almost every sitcom today, with a few exceptions, all about sexual acts and offensive innuendos? I'm really happy that the 6-8 season is scheduled to air. We have achieved a lot through our activities in recent years; First the fifth season will be released, then every broadcaster is supposed to be scrambling for the series and now the not yet released seasons 6-8 will be broadcast within the next few months. People who may not have a PC at home or who have not registered with Amazon now have the opportunity to finally see them again after all these years and that's exactly what Sixx does right. Show all episodes from season 5 and the time is really ok in my opinion. In fact, it is not good for people without a DVR receiver or for those who stay in bed for a long time, as well as for schoolchildren or workers on early shift. But I always say: Better that way than not at all and complaining desperately over tea and biscuits that things still can't go on. Again: We have achieved a lot and if the series is on TV again, in my opinion, a release of the remaining seasons will not be long in coming, because with that you have (considering that the episodes were about 9-11 years ago (!) the last time they were broadcast and Warner (for whatever reason) made no effort to publish them on DVD. But now we have the opportunity to record them and, in principle, watch them again and again, until the device fatigue (hopefully As Wilton Knight once said on the "Knight Rider" series: "A man can change something", and we have that.
    • tv-deluxe2000 (born 1987) on

      I couldn't have put it better myself! Big compliments to your words Stefan!

      Unfortunately, I can't tell you why the floppy series (Cologne 90 ...) and all the crap came about at all.
      You might want to show 'something new' on TV again.
      That can be good, but it can also go badly - as is usually the case with such series.

      I'll just say this much: in the 90s we (almost) all had a video recorder.
      So when I was at school in the mornings, I could look forward to the series and cartoons. These ran between 9 a.m. and 12 p.m. and I didn't get home until around 1 p.m. Then there was lunch and the videos were watched. That no one can do this nowadays in this 'modernized' world would be a shame and a step back in human evolution and the technical revolution!

      But I already mentioned that.
      Now I thank you again for your contribution and I wish you a lot of fun with Full House and the comeback soon! ;-)
    • Steffi_Maus (born 1988) on

      Dear tv-deluxe, you have to remember that not everyone owns a DVD recorder and maybe not a video recorder because many no longer have something like that! So it is not possible for everyone to record something like it was back then! I myself only have a normal DVD player, is that a shame? Do I have to get a new one just to record ?! If the series were simply shown at a better time in the evening, the people who couldn't record it would not have the problem of not being able to watch their favorite series !!!!!!!! The evening is family time, so there would be a perfect time for this great series! But if you write something like you and your predecessor, you should also think of those who just don't have a good DVD player with record function, or who no longer have a video these days! Instead of writing like that and understanding that some don't think it's great that the series is shown at 6:30 in the morning or 7:00 am !!!
    • tv-deluxe2000 (born 1987) on

      Hello Steffi_Maus!
      First of all, nice to read from you again.

      Your feedback is slowly but surely getting on my nerves. But in a positive sense! ;-)

      I personally give you the thumbs up for your readiness to fight full house not only with 4 episodes in the morning / morning, but also in the evening!

      So here is a suggestion on my part:

      Away with Desperate Housewives (approx. 6 p.m. - 7 p.m.) and instead 2 episodes full house.

      What do you think of that alone?

      I think Desperate Housewives is too lazy and will definitely find a place in the night program somewhere.
      The place for this would then be taken over by Full House, because the series is not only cult, but, as you already wrote, is for the WHOLE FAMILY!

      The topic DVD recorder / VHS recorder briefly answered again:
      No, it's not the consumer's shame, it's the seller's shame. In other words: I see the economic situation in Germany and the lack of money in the population. Between us in the small state Internet: I also think that the current government is simply throwing too much money out of the window instead of using it in the right places!

      But enough of that.

      After all, this is not about the fact that, unfortunately, many Germans cannot afford a DVD recorder, but about our beloved series: Full House! :-)
    • Steffi_Maus (born 1988) on

      Sorry if I piss you off with it only a lot of comments here annoy me because I think the time is not appropriate but when I read you should queue up (not quite as written but meant) I get too much! I want to fight for it myself and don't say that it is not great that it is on TV again on the contrary, but SIXX could have come up with a better time for it! Without others like you (sorry) to go down the drain, I just want to understand that it is really stupid what SIXX has chosen for now! And now to your sentences too! Do you know I'm there for your opinion on that because Desperate Housewives should be gone and the super series Full House should be shown! Because there is really something for the whole family, thank you for your approval! Ok, I understood that with the recorder, it just sounded something different from you to me because it came across like that on the motto you shouldn't queue up but record it (not that you said that but you know what I mean, I hope) and that's why something came back from me! But as you already say, this is about full house that we all finally have / get our DVD collection complete and not about unimportant topics! :-) but I still hope that I will be understood a bit ;-)
    • Stefan! (born 1994) on

      Hello tv-deluxe2000!

      Many Thanks! :-)

      I feel like you: I always enjoyed watching the series as a child. When I was in elementary school, I rushed home to see my favorite series. I still remember well, it must have been around 2002 (I wrote a few months ago) when four episodes were broadcast in a row Monday through Friday from 5pm to 6pm. That was a time I tell you!
      A time when (as far as I know) there was still no Blu-Ray player, no PS4, no XBOX ONE and the like (nothing against the consoles themselves; I have also been more enthusiastic for many years (then a little more, now a lot less) Video player) and the entertainment was purely on board games or the TV program, but we / I were still happy with what we had.
      Nowadays it's all very different. Here you shouldn't miss out on technical supporters such as a PC, a flat screen (please no smart TV) or DVR recorder if possible (except for smartphones, because the word "apps" roll up my toenails). The "classic" and certainly high-quality video recorder is being replaced by a DVR recorder. However, I cannot understand why well-known manufacturers such as Samsung or Sony usually rely on more "contemporary" connections such as HDMI instead of SCART, for example, because you will lose out here within the next few years at the latest if you can no longer use the video recorder record his / her favorite series. Therefore, and above all because of the not soooo challenging operation of modern incarnations of the technological wonder ".... recorder", these are basically mandatory today, as they often show the long nose of older recording models, i.e. offer more.
      I too, dear tv-deluxe2000, wish you good entertainment with Full House! :-)
    • Svenja Fries (born 1978) on

      Hopefully the rest of the seasons will come out on DVD. And in German. I am waiting longingly for it :)
    • Preacher on

      There are always ways to get the series legally. For example on Amazon Prime you can buy the whole series for little money. Or there are online recorders where you can record and download the respective episodes. Or if you have a TV card for your computer you can also record on it. As I said, there are always ways and means to get to the series.
      You can also inquire about the broadcasters and buy a recording for a lot of money.
  • DC on

    The sequel to Full House is about to be launched by Netflix, and will be released under the title "Fuller House". The first 13-part season will be about DJ and Kimmy Gibbler, who will be played by the original cast. The other full house stars (with the exception of the Olsen twins) will get guest appearances from time to time.
  • Svenja Fries (born 1978) on

    I hope that the rest of the seasons will be published in German soon.
    • Oliver (born 1986) on

      According to the broadcast dates, Sixx will start broadcasting with the 6th season from April 9th, 2015. I'll record it on my hard drive in a moment.
    • Steffi_Maus (born 1988) on

      So that would be an idea but what about the people who don't have something like that, so in my opinion they shouldn't show it on TV but finally bring it out on DVD ... But if they think they want to show it, ok but ask for a better time where too everyone has time and not only those who sit at home all day :-(
  • tv-deluxe2000 (born 1987) on

    The big comeback of the Full House series has happened!
    Thanks to SIXX!

    The airtime at SIXX is OK!

    For the working population there has been the option of recording by timer programming since VHS times (approx. 1970 - 2000). Equally applicable for students!
    It's child's play:
    In the menu of the VHS recorder / DVD recorder select the option "Timer recording" (or similar) - enter the broadcast time of Full House at SIXX - done!

    You can't say anything about the ratings at the moment!
    The sole interest counts for now. If the slot and the airtime develop positively, you can consider moving to the noon program.

    With SIXX, Full House has found a wonderful return to German free TV!

    Unfortunately, the doctorate came off badly. So it will take at least a week until most of them have noticed that the full house is back on German free TV.

    But word will get around very quickly now ... :-)

    As for what's happening now, about Uncle Jesse, Danny Tanner, Michelle, Joey, Mr. Woodchuck, Kimmy Gibbler and the others, I won't add anything new just yet. There is simply nothing new to report ...
    • Steffi_Maus (born 1988) on

      Yes of course it is nice when it works and yes of course you can record it but as it has already been said not every SIXX has it yet available in all free TV channels I also wrote here that I can neither watch nor record it because I can I only have the station available from 6pm ... before that, it doesn't give me the chance to watch it. My SIXX station shares the slot with 123 TV and, let's be honest, the time is cheeky .. because even if you're long has fought and you are happy I think the time is inappropriate to watch a great funny and simply brilliant series like full house may be that you and some think differently but some also think like me and that's why I have to get rid of that too! well let's hope that the dvd will soon continue
    • Verena (born 1986) on

      I can only agree with Steffi-M. All in all, it all sucks. So now I should be happy that the seasons, which I have on DVD anyway, are finally being shown on free TV again ?! And it's questionable whether the series won't be canceled long ago by the time we even get to the seasons that I don't have ... Not to mention the fact that I can't watch the series at that time anyway. And I'm sure not to buy a recording device for it now. That's way too stupid for me! Is it really asking too much to simply pack the remaining 3 seasons on DVD ??? What's the shit ???
  • Martin (born 1985) on

    More importantly, there is hope that the rest of the seasons will be released on DVD as well.
    And then hopefully these will also be available in free trade!
    Then in principle, it is a huge cheek that the 5 season is only available on Amazon !!!! ??
    I wish you all a lot of fun watching!
  • Martin (born 1985) on

    Ohmann people,
    now finally happy that "Full House" is showing on TV!
    For years, we fight to get it back on TV and then it doesn't fit !?
    Anyone who has the first 5 seasons on DVD can watch them at any time and then record the last 3 seasons.
    The rest can take in everyone.
    In any case, I'm happy that it's finally running again and hope that all seasons will be shown from start to finish (in the correct order).
  • Andelko (born 1982) on

    I wouldn't count on the full house to stay on for long. The transmission slot is far too unfavorable. And that doesn't show great trust in the series.

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