Leggings are forbidden too

Dress code for schoolsdispute around Ban of Sweatpants at schools

From here on, please only wear "appropriate clothing": For some schools, wearing jogging pants or leggings is not possible at all. If students sit in class wearing sweatpants, they have to clean the school as a punishment. The former principal of a secondary school says: We had more important issues.

You have to wipe tables in the cafeteria or clean the school yard: These are two of the punitive tasks for students who come to school in sweatpants or leggings. Because: "Inappropriate clothing" is not allowed at your school.

At some schools in Germany there are guidelines as to which clothes are okay for schoolchildren or not: for example at a secondary school in Rottenburg in Baden-Württemberg, a comprehensive school in Mühlheim an der Ruhr and, most recently, at a grammar school in Hanover. They say goodbye to sweatpants and Co.

The argument: the students shouldn't look like at home in class. Similar to the workplace, there is a difference between casual clothing and clothing for class. Because: It's about looking well-groomed. If students sit in sweatpants in class, they could also get the idea of ​​wearing them to the job interview.

The sweatpants debate: it's not new

Yes or no to the dress code at school: There are many opinions on the subject. Udo Beckmann, for example, approaches the dress code topic differently than the schools listed above. The federal chairman of the Association of Education and Upbringing was the rector of a secondary school in a socially deprived area in Dortmund for nine years and says: During an interview, the overall impression counts - it's not about the sweatpants.

He says: If the school prescribes a dress code, it must apply to everyone - including the staff. In that case, he would not only have to talk to the students about how they dress, but also to the teachers.

In addition, a change of perspective is needed. When looking into the wardrobe of some students, it becomes apparent that the choice of clothes is limited. For them, wearing sweatpants can mean the joy of new pants.

"In my time there were much more important topics: for example breakfast. Many students came to school without breakfast. The problem was much bigger than the question of whether the child was wearing sweatpants or jeans."
Udo Beckmann, Federal Chairman of the Association for Education and Upbringing and former Rector

Instead of banning sweatpants and the like, there are more important issues for him: Many students come to school hungry. So the dress debate wasn't on his school's agenda.