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The Bible in the standard translation


The book of Leviticus, chapter 19


Cultic and social commandments: 19.1-37



Lev 19.1The Lord said to Moses:Lev 19.2Speak to the whole congregation of the Israelites and say to them, Be holy, for I, the Lord your God, am holy..

The reverence for the parents

Lev 19.3Each of you should fear mother and father and keep my Sabbaths; I am the Lord, your God.Lev 19.4You should not turn to other gods and you should not cast images of gods out of metal; I am the Lord, your God..

The right attitude towards the redemption sacrifice

Lev 19.5When you slaughter a salvation offering for the Lord, offer it so that you will find acceptance.Lev 19.6It shall be eaten on the day you slaughter it or the next day; what is left of it on the third day should be burned in the fire.Lev 19.7If you eat it on the third day, the sacrifice is unfit and will no longer be accepted.Lev 19.8Whoever eats it must bear the consequences of his guilt; for he has profaned the holiness of the Lord. Such a person should be exterminated from his tribal comrades..

The prohibition of gleanings

Lev 19.9When you bring in the harvest of your land, you should not harvest the field to the very edge. You are not supposed to glean from your harvest.Lev 19.10In your vineyard you shouldn't look back or pick up the fallen berries. You should leave them to the poor and the stranger. I am the Lord, your God..

Social behavior and charity

Lev 19.11You should not steal, deceive, or deceive one another.Lev 19.12You shall not falsely swear by my name; otherwise you would profane the name of your god. I am the Lord.Lev 19:13You are not to exploit your neighbor or to deprive him of his own. The wages of the day laborer should not stay with you overnight until morning.Lev 19:14You shall not curse a deaf person or put an obstacle in the way of a blind man; rather, you should fear your God. I am the Lord.Lev 19.15You should not do an injustice in the judiciary. Thou shalt take sides neither with a small nor with a great; you shall judge your tribal comrade righteously.Lev 19:16You should not slander your tribe or stand up and claim the life of your neighbor. I am the Lord.Lev 19.17You should not have hatred for your brother in your heart. Correct your fellow tribesmen and you will not be guilty of them.Lev 19:18You shall not take revenge or hold any grudge against the children of your people. You should love your neighbor as yourself. I am the Lord..

The prohibition of mixtures

Lev 19:19You should pay attention to my statutes: You should not mate two animals of different kinds among your cattle. You shall not sow two kinds of crops in your field. You are not supposed to put on a double-threaded dress..

Fornication with someone else's concubine

Lev 19.20If a man lives with a woman who is destined to be the concubine of another man as a slave and who is neither ransomed nor released, then the case should be investigated; she shouldn't die because she wasn't released.Lev 19.21He is to bring a ram to the entrance of the tent of revelation as his guilt offering for the Lord.Lev 19:22With this ram the priest is to atone for the sin he has committed before the Lord; so he will be forgiven the sin he has committed..

The first fruits

Lev 19.23When you come into the land and plant a fruit tree, treat its fruit as if it were its foreskin. For three years they should be something uncircumcised for you that you are not allowed to eat.Lev 19:24In the fourth year all fruits are to be sanctified as a feast for the Lord.Lev 19.25Only in the fifth year are you allowed to eat the fruit and reap the harvest for yourself. I am the Lord, your God..

The ban on foreign cults

Lev 19.26You shouldn't eat anything with blood. You shall not practice fortune-telling or sorcery.Lev 19:27You shouldn't cut your head hair all around. You shouldn't trim your beard.Lev 19.28You are not allowed to make incisions on your body for a dead person and you are not allowed to have any marks scratched on you. I am the Lord.Lev 19.29Do not desecrate your daughter by fornication so that the land does not fornicate and become full of iniquity.Lev 19.30You should keep my Sabbaths and fear my sanctuary. I am the Lord.Lev 19.31Do not turn to the necromancers or seek out fortune tellers; they defile you. I am the Lord, your God..

Reverence for old age

Lev 19:32You should get up with gray hair, honor the reputation of an old man, and fear your God. I am the Lord..

Behavior towards strangers

Lev 19.33If a stranger lives with you in your country, you should not oppress him.Lev 19.34The stranger who stays with you should be regarded as a native to you and you should love him as yourself; for you yourself were strangers in Egypt. I am the Lord, your God..


Lev 19.35You should not commit an injustice in court, with measure of length, weight and measure of measure.Lev 19.36You should have correct scales, correct weight stones, correct efa and correct hin. I am the Lord your God who brought you out of Egypt..

Final warning

Lev 19:37You should heed and obey all of my statutes and all of my ordinances. I am the Lord.