Does it hurt to shoot meth?

Paul OstwaldOxford student, Refugee workers and editor

Paul remembers his first interview at Oxford University clearly because it was so bizarre. In keeping with the cliché, the professor was sitting next to a fireplace in which a fire was crackling. Even before the professor had greeted Paul or shook his hand, he asked him the first question.

Shoot in the air to survive

Paul should imagine that the professor, his assistant, and Paul each had a gun and were shooting at each other. Each with a different probability of hitting - 30, 70 and 80 percent. The question: what would Paul have to do to survive? The answer: Shoot in the air, at the same time the professor and his assistant would shoot each other. Paul didn't know the correct answer, but he was accepted to study anyway. He is now working on a project that prepares applicants for the University of Oxford selection process free of charge.

Refugee workers on Lesbos

Even during the semester break, his political commitment does not let go of him: In March he was with friends on Lesbos as a helper to provide refugees with essentials. When he finishes his studies, Paul can imagine working as a journalist. But until then he takes his time and tries out a lot and travels.