What are encounters with unknown creatures

Close encounter - motorway camera films something that is not allowed to exist

Kaiserslautern - Many know the horror stories of ghosts, vampires and werewolves from their youth. These belong in the world of mythical creatures. Really? An image from a motorway camera leaves room for speculation as to whether it was really fiction or whether there is perhaps something to the stories after all.

The evening - it is April 18, 2019 - began like many evenings. Family dining. In keeping with the occasion, there was spinach with potatoes and a fried egg, because it was Maundy Thursday. Then a glass of red wine or two. The night falls.

Change of scene: everything seems to be the same on the Autobahn 6. Moving traffic, lots of cars and trucks on the east-west link. The flow of traffic on the Internet can be observed in many places with traffic cameras. In the case of an image from the camera 160, which is located at the level of Schorlenberg, we were puzzled. What was that? The camera captured a pair of eyes that couldn't possibly be human or animal!

On the way to satisfy insatiable desires?

In the picture you can see something that looks like a pair of eyes of an unknown creature. Roaming on the foray in search of blood. It couldn't be a vampire (you can't see it in mirrors and cameras), it probably wasn't a werewolf either (he'd be a day too early for that, the full moon is on April 19th, 2019).

Optical illusion - anything different than you thought?

After another camera took photos of glowing eyes that looked like grazing (were) wolves in a pack, we asked ourselves the question: Did we succumb to an optical illusion?Wasn't it different than expected? Ultimately, it cannot be completely clarified. Let's keep our eyes open.