Could I be a model 1

Average weight

Women in Germany are on average 1.65 m tall and weigh 68 kilos.

Ideal model dimensions

The well-known 90-60-90 scheme (for chest-waist-bottom) is still categorized. If you really want to be successful in the modeling business, you have to meet these sizes so that the designer clothes really fit on the catwalk. You can cheat no more than 1-2 centimeters by eating even less the days before and only drinking water on the day of the run. In photo shoots, on the other hand, you can use tricks, because it increasingly depends on the particularity and individuality of the models. In addition, images can be edited afterwards.

In the meantime, however, there are also stars and models who defend themselves against these dimensions and are still successful! How Ashley Graham says"Beauty has nothing to do with weight" - we see the same way! But sometimes more is more: those who skillfully stage their curves automatically exude more femininity and become the image of Venus. Hot stars with curves will never be out!

What about the men from Hollywood? It would be interesting to know which ideal model measurements men have to follow. 100-80-100, sounds like an invented number at first. But then men orient themselves when it comes to chest, waist and hip measurements. You always wanted to know what the body measurements of hottie Ryan Gosling are?

Here you can find the dimensions of the stars!

Dream dimensions?

The definition of dream measurements is absolutely subjective. But here you can test whether the overall impression is correct!