Is there a certification for C ++

Certification in C / C ++ at

asd1 wrote:

has someone ever made experiences with There are different types of certifications for C / C ++.

I see a lot of graphics. Little information, for example no clear contact information. The only interesting thing is the link to the Pearson website.

Still, it seems to be "official" that Pearson is linking back to.

asd1 wrote:

The only question is whether it will bring anything (professionally). Seems to be relatively new as you cannot take senior certification courses.

Each certification costs $ 295.

I think project experience will more likely allow a statement about your abilities here, or I assume that primarily people are being sought who somehow get a project off the ground than someone who can pray down the C ++ standard.

After I found what was actually certified, I checked C ++ 11 topics and found nothing.

In the current job, that probably doesn't help. This could be the deciding factor when changing jobs, if the employer is interested in such certificates or if you haven't been in the job for long.

I would take it as fun, maybe an ego thing. You can have someone independently confirm that you can use C ++. You can do it, it won't hurt ... but I wouldn't expect any excessive benefit from it.