How many founders regret having moved up from VCs

Team manager news

Börnsen: Poschmann new TW trainer

SV Börnsen has found a new goalkeeping coach after Sandro Ahrens left the league club VfL Lohbrügge at short notice: Andreas Poschmann joins the "Hamfieldroad". "The 58-year-old is considered ...


"Lübbe" from BU II to Lower Saxony

Last week, HSV Barmbek-Uhlenhorst II announced the departure of three players - including Lukas "Lübbe" Lübberstedt. "In the future, Lübbe will be closely involved in a private project, ...


TBS with more new ones

Not only with the coach Andelko Ivanko, the responsible persons at TBS Pinneberg landed a prominent name, also as far as the squad is concerned, one or the other higher-class experienced ...


For the anniversary: ​​TuS wants to go up

"In 2003 our league was promoted to the regional league. 20 years later we hope to be able to inaugurate the new sports center at Gesundbrunnen. What could be more obvious than sporting ...