What is finned tube heat exchanger

Finned tube: advantages and how it works

Pipes are essential for the heating system in order to transport the heat away. The right design reduces heat loss and increases the energy efficiency of the system. We present the finned tubes as a special design.

What is a finned tube?

A finned tube is a tubular component. It is used to optimize the level of transferable cooling capacity or heating capacity. The ribs are made of a highly conductive material. The ribs increase the surface area of ​​the tubes. Smooth tubes only have a surface that corresponds in size to the outer surface of the tubes. The ribs increase this surface. The ribs are produced by welding, pressing, grooving, rolling or soldering on the outside. On the inside of the pipe, the ribs can be drawn or rolled. It is also possible to attach sheet metal profiles or press profiles on the inside.

Numerous different shapes of the finned tubes

One of the distinguishing features is the material. Specialist dealers offer, among other things, the finned tube made of copper or the finned tube made of stainless steel. Products made of titanium, polypropylene and nickel-based materials are also used. When making the selection, the heat-conducting properties and resistance to certain substances must be taken into account.

Another difference concerns the positioning of the ribs. They can be on the inside of the pipe or the outside of the pipe. The finned tubes are used in the automotive industry, apparatus and plant construction as well as refrigeration and air conditioning technology. Double-walled pipes are required when a particularly high level of operational reliability is required.

Buy the finned tube heater

The finned tube heater from Ri-Ros is available for around 360 euros. It is a 2,000 watt, compact product. The length is 110 centimeters with a height of 18 centimeters. The heating fins have a diameter of 12 centimeters. The built-in thermostat can be continuously adjusted from 5 degrees Celsius to 30 degrees Celsius. When you buy these finned tubes, you receive a ready-to-connect product that is delivered with a cable length of 1 meter.

Thanks to the damp-proof plug, it can also be used in sanitary rooms. In doing so, however, the manufacturer's specific instructions on commissioning and use must be taken into account.

Which products are available for selection?

The type RWT 2-180 A90503 is offered for around 500 euros. It is a finned tube heat exchanger with a flange construction. It is used to support indirect storage heating. The task of the finned tube heat exchanger is to enable the conversion of the classic store to a register store. If you want to set up a multivalent system, you can mount several heat exchangers. In general, you install the heat exchanger horizontally in the boiler. He is then completely washed around by the water. The products consist of a helically wound SF-CU finned tube. The sheet steel cover, painted in matt black, prevents heat loss.

The maximum operating temperature of the finned tube heat exchanger is 95 degrees Celsius. If the tap water is very hard, it is advisable to take suitable precautions to decalcify the water.

How can finned tubes be used?

On the one hand, specialist dealers offer finished products, for example the finned tube absorber. On the other hand, you can also design prototypes yourself. Once you have developed an idea of ​​how you can design a particularly environmentally friendly heating system, you can find finned tubes sold by the meter in specialist shops and can implement the appropriate length.