Why does CO form a coordinate bond

Corrosion inhibitor mixture to improve the corrosion inhibition effect

Benzotriazole is mainly used as a water treatment agent, metal rust inhibitor and corrosion inhibitor. It is widely used in circulating water treatment agents, rust preventive oils and lipid products, as well as in gas phase corrosion inhibitors and lubricating oil additives for copper and copper alloys. It is used for surface cleaning of silver, copper and zinc in electroplating and has an anti-tarnish effect. BTA forms a covalent bond and a coordinate bond with copper atoms and replaces each other with a chain polymer to form a multilayer protective film on the surface of the copper plus surface, so that the surface of the copper does not enter into an oxidation-reduction reaction, does not generate any Hydrogen and acts as an anti-corrosion agent. . It has the same effect on metal materials like lead, cast iron, nickel and zinc. BTA can be combined with a variety of corrosion inhibitors to improve corrosion inhibition. It can also be used in conjunction with a variety of scale inhibitors and bactericidal algicides, especially for the closed cooling water circuit. In the automotive antifreeze, glycol and water, the addition of BTA to the coating can volatilize the protective material. cause. BTA is a good ultraviolet light absorber that can stabilize the ultraviolet light sensitive products such as preventing discoloration of disazo dyes and preventing discoloration by using BTA to treat paper, knitted fabrics, films, metal coins and the like. During the machining process, the BTA is added to the grinding oil and the cutting oil so that the machined copper parts do not discolour. It can also be used as an analytical reagent in combination with ammonia and diamine tetraacetic acid for the selective determination of silver, copper and zinc. It can also be used as a photographic antifoggant and an organic synthesis intermediate.