Which hashtags are banned on Instagram?

Do it today - tomorrow it might be forbidden!

Do you know it too: You are looking for a hashtag and suddenly there is 6 or 10 images: Current posts with this hashtag are currently hidden because too many posts have been reported with this hashtag. What exactly does this mean for us as Instagrammers? Which hashtags are banned and why?

Why is Instagram doing this?

Many of the hashtags are used by bots and spammers. Instagram tries to limit bots and spammers by regularly blocking hashtags.

LeiThis affects many hashtags that bloggers like to use. #blogger was also blocked for a while and is still sometimes on the “blacklist” of Instagram.

The hashtags switch between blocked and unblocked from time to time, which makes it so difficult to find out which ones are really permanently blocked. Of course, hashtags are on the blacklist that violate Instagram rules. But hashtags like #instagood or #instamood are also regularly blocked for a few days.

Which hashtags are blocked from time to time

I don't want to list all hashtags here, because as already written: They keep changing. But there are a few that you might want to avoid so that you don't run the risk of losing range. Because that can be a consequence of using blocked or temporarily blocked hashtags too often.

#thoughts #streetflow #alone #bikinibody # bra #curvy #dm #goddess #happythanksgiving #humpday #kik #mirrorphoto #shower #snapchat

Just a few of the many hashtags. What I would like to show you is that for us normal hashtags such as KIK or DM, by shopping in the stores, can possibly cost us reach and likes.

And what do I do now?

It is advisable to change hashtags every now and then. You should try to avoid hashtags that are often on the list. It is not advisable to use large hashtags anyway, because you quickly disappear into the crowd of images.

Small hashtags are much more useful, also in the story. Because a banned hashtag in the story is often to blame for the fact that the post does not get hashtag clicks.

The first thing to do is to use hashtags that match the picture. Small and also 1-3 larger hashtags. Local hash tags are always good too. Only 30 pieces are allowed per contribution, not all of which should be used. According to insider information, 10-15 should make the most sense.

Inappropriate hashtags should be avoided because they could be reported quickly. You shouldn't use a hashtag with vegan on a picture with meat products, even if it offers a wider range at first.

In conclusion

Finally, it should be said: Do not use bots or hashtag lists, because these are often full of hashtags that may be blocked tomorrow. It is better to create hashtags yourself that suit you and your profile. Hashtags that may also be used in your contribution to the picture. And that match the picture! Everything else will then take care of itself!

Your Kathrin

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