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Technician &

Temporary work as a career springboard

Many technicians and engineers now work for personnel service providers and can use their expertise where it is needed. This not only applies to young professionals, but also to more experienced specialists and managers who can use our know-how to strategically align their careers.


The right solution for every type

What kind of guy are you An accomplished specialist? A project manager with strong organizational skills? A strong sales networker? A curious college graduate? Whatever the answer and wherever you are in your professional life, we have solutions for you! When you're ready for new discoveries, temporary agency work is a very good way to get a great job.


The economy is waiting for you

Companies are scrambling for qualified specialists. So good prospects for you! Still, given the plethora of options and offers, it's hard to keep track of what is right. We will not only show you what would be technically useful, but also what suits you personally. Try out, discover new things - and then strike when you have found what feels good for you!


The sensible alternative to an internship

Even with a degree, career starters often cannot be specialists and must first earn their first laurels. However, it doesn't have to be the relevant internship! We offer you attractive alternatives to this!


We accompany you in every phase of life

The first reserve is there for you at every stage of your career! Regardless of whether you are z. B. Are you looking for a career after a degree, want to advance your job as a specialist or are looking for a new challenge as an experienced engineer - we have opportunities and possibilities for you!


That makes it good:

  • Strength and talent-oriented commitment
  • Fair wages - if possible above the collective bargaining agreement - and industry surcharges, depending on the duration of the assignment up to 50%
  • Member of the IGZ, the leading association of temporary employment agencies with a binding code of ethics and contact and arbitration board (KuSS)
  • Good reputation with long-term relationships with companies in the region
  • Initial deployment accompanied by qualified contact persons
  • Appreciative corporate culture - even if the “shoe pinches” privately, we're there
  • Best chances of being taken over


We now have employees - especially skilled workers - who feel so comfortable with us that they stay with us for the long term despite other options!