Will No Mans Sky be another spore

Spore is back - and No Man’s Sky is to blame

Yesterday I read a bizarre message in many places that I'm not sure whether I should laugh about it or whether it breaks my heart: The eight-year-old evolution simulation Spore von Sims-Developer Will Wright is currently quite high in the sales charts on Steam (probably also due to a high discount) and, in terms of the number of active players, overtakes the much discussed space game No Man’s Sky, which is just four weeks old.

Anyone who has watched the development of both games before and after their release knows that spore took almost the same route as No Man’s Sky: A huge hype from the moment it was announced (the game of games! From unicellular organisms to space travel !! THE BIGGEST GAME IN THE WORLD !!!) followed the radical disillusionment after the appearance, which grew into great disappointment and annoyance.

It's no accident that both No Man’s Sky as well as spore Put on procedurally generated content, because the prospect of infinite numbers of different creatures or planets is a big part of the fascination that both games exerted before their release date. Accordingly, there were voices as early as 2015 who warned that No Man’s Sky a similar fate could loom as it once did spore. An example is the comment linked here at Forbes. But it is probably also this conceptual context that ensures that Spore suddenly experiences a small revival.

I have spore and No Man’s Sky played. And what can I say: I enjoyed playing both of them, find them remarkable in their own way and have great sympathy for both of them. But of course I also see how they both failed because of their own demands and, above all, the excessive expectations. So I'm happy that spore eight years later gets another small boost. I would also like to have a similar happy ending, but sooner, for No Man’s Sky, because the game deserves love, despite all the criticism.