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... and support German surgery! The DGCH is one of the oldest, but also one of the most active medical-scientific specialist societies.

With the membership in the DGCH your interests in the organs of the society (general assembly, board of directors, presidium) are perceived and strengthened. As a member, you can take an active part in shaping your society.
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The German Society for Surgery

... with over 6,000 members was founded in Berlin in 1872. This makes it one of the oldest medical-scientific specialist societies. The purpose of the company is to promote the scientific and practical concerns of surgery. In addition to progress in research and clinic, its critical evaluation and implementation in comprehensive care, this also includes dealing with the political, economic and social framework conditions of our subject. Surgical training, further education and training as well as the promotion of young talent by awarding numerous prizes and grants to young domestic and foreign scientists are further core tasks. Continuous efforts are aimed at maintaining international contacts and relationships with neighboring subjects, scientific organizations and all partners in the health care system. [About the DGCH]