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Narcissism and power : Narcissists glitter: this is how they seduce us

Ms. Wardetzki, “narcissist” has become a popular insult. The publicist Josef Joffe even called the militant G20 opponents "narcissists in the pose of subversion". Is that correct?

I don't know any of the rioters, so I can't comment on them. The term narcissism has recently been used not only as a swear word, but also as an ornament. There is this narcissism test, which consists of a single question: Are you a narcissist?

US researchers have found that you simply have to ask narcissists about their self-assessment and thus come to the same results as with extensive questionnaires.

A man who answered yes to this question recently said to me: “I am very happy to be a narcissist. I have a lot of it. "

Silvio Berlusconi, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, Julian Assange, Paris Hilton, Kim Kardashian, Karl-Theodor zu Guttenberg, Tiger Woods, Peer Steinbrück, Theresa May - these people have already been called narcissists. Pure kitchen psychology?

As a clinical diagnosis, that would be dubious. In the USA, the Goldwater Rule has been in effect since 1973, a voluntary commitment by the Association of Psychologists not to give any assessments of the health status of public persons. It is significant that the Goldwater Rule has just been broken. Two well-known psychologists have posted a hazard report about Trump in the "New York Times". They said the situation was too dangerous to keep silent. I thought that was excellent.

The authors certify their president "a serious emotional instability", the word megalomania was mentioned. In the German media, Trump was named as a way of increasing the number of other narcissists supernarcissists: vulgar, impulsive, unpredictable. Is that how you see him?

With Trump, narcissistic maneuvers and behaviors are evident. For example, his vulnerability, which turns into a rage to be hurt, or his childlike susceptibility to praise.

Bärbel Wardetzki

Bärbel Wardetzki, 65, studied psychology and education in Munich and then trained as a Gestalt therapist. In the psychosomatic clinic in Bad Grönenbach, where she had been employed since 1983, she worked with bulimic women. In doing so, she came across that women who are under the eating disorder suffered, often exhibiting narcissistic personality traits. In her doctoral thesis, she developed the concept of a female narcissismthat is different from the conventional picture. At the beginning of the 90s she started her own business as a psychotherapist and coach with a practice in Munich. She is also a non-fiction author. “Narcissism, seduction and power in politics and society” has just been published by Europa-Verlag.

From the community

Narcissists are among the most successful people in our society because attention from others has become the most valuable public currency.

… Writes user bgrabe02

How do you know that?

Think of the press conference at which Theresa May said to him: “I congratulate you on your great victory.” Whereupon Trump winked at the audience, straightened his tie and smiled all over his face. Then he also turned the microphone upwards. I am a potent guy! It was wax in May's hands.

Don't you think that was perhaps meant to be self-deprecating?

No. It was so obvious that it was embarrassing. Incidentally, during the state visit to Paris recently, French President Emmanuel Macron was able to keep pointing out what an important partner Trump is. This has increased his self-esteem so much that he may be more likely to be brought on board. A good strategy if you want something from narcissists. Trump was visibly flattered and wanted to flatter Macron in return by praising his wife: with an unfortunately somewhat clumsy compliment.

He said she was "in good shape".Often times, notorious narcissists overshoot the mark. In their lack of restraint, they are suspicious of others, including the former Bertelsmann boss Thomas Middelhoff. But there is a disproportion: everyone finds it embarrassing, and they still make it up. Is there such a thing as a shudder fascination for these exuberant self-promoters?

They live something out for us.

Distinguishing them from them is entertaining because they are objects of blasphemy?

I don't think so either. But they glitter, seduce us to find them good. They dare to do something and become a projection surface for cowards. The psychoanalyst Jürg Willi coined the term complementary narcissism for couple relationships. Complementary narcissists want to borrow an idealized self from others they consider grandiose. This mechanism can be used to declare political allegiance.

For example?

Take Martin Schulz and the SPD, for example. The party was down, and now the savior was due to come and increase their self-esteem. When Comrade Schulz voted 100 percent chairman, I was worried. Such hypes often end in a crash.

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