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Superman - a bird, an airplane, a man, a ... verb? The song Crank That by Soulja Boy, with whom the then only 17-year-old artist climbed to the top of the worldwide charts, does not have that much text, but gives the word Superman a completely new meaning. We like to leave it to the Urban Dictionary to clarify the exact definition, let me just say this much: we want to distance ourselves from it. Nevertheless, the song is a real catchy tune and almost everyone can at least hint at the cool dance moves from the video - including the one at the very front, of course Superman

In her hit song, Bonnie Tyler complains in a smoky voice and full of desperation that she needs a Superman to knock her off her socks ("It's gonna take a superman to sweep me off my feet”). The 1984 song was used in two Superman revivals: One in the first episode ofSuperman - The Adventures of Lois & Clark and on the other hand in an episode of the ninth season of Smallvillle, in which Lois' mobile phone has exactly this song as a ringtone.

In this song, The Game not only claims that it is very similar to Superman, but also takes ample time to dissipate other superheroes, or much more their alter egos like Bruce Wayne and Peter Parker. Soulja Boy also gets his fat off here. Our favorite line from the song:"It's a bird, it's a plane / Naw n ****, it's the motherfuckin 'game."

In her song Superman from her successful album Speak Now from 2010, Taylor Swift describes her ideal man. It should be big, dark and pretty, but at the same time also complicated and irrational. As if that weren't already strange enough, the blonde singer also wants a guy who carries papers around in a briefcase. In the song, Taylor sees her Superman fly away because he has an important day ahead of him and must save the world, but she is waiting for him on earth. Fortunately, Taylor has come a long way since then.

The rapper Eminem is in this song from his album The Eminem Show from 2002 as sensitive as ever. First he breathes to the female singer on the record that he is "here to save her". But then he quickly turns the tables and establishes that he is not Superman and also has no desire to deal with women and their problems. The song is supposed to be addressed to Mariah Carey, who is even mentioned by name. In our opinion after, Eminem missed a great opportunity by not comparing her to Lois Lane.

In this single, with which the band 3 Doors Down made their breakthrough in 2000, the singer frankly compares himself to the man of steel. He asks his beloved love if she would call him Superman if he was crazy. The title of the song only appears as the last word of the chorus and otherwise only acts as the namesake of the single, to really make the reference to Superman clear for everyone. The music video for the song is perhaps even more interesting than the lyrics, because the clip shows an older superhero trying to save his neighbor from a violent pimp.

This song is supposedly written from Superman's point of view and gave the band their musical breakthrough. In the maudlin ballad, the problems of Superman are shown: he doesn't like flying, he is always reduced to his good looks and he doesn't like his cape either. He even describes the latter as a ridiculous red bed sheet. Until then it all seems to have a funny aspect, but at the latest when the singer John Ondrasik sings that he has a home that he will never see, we can no longer hold back the goosebumps.

Superman was an early hit for R.E.M. in 1986. and surprisingly sounds very different than the rest of the band's music from the same year. In addition, it is not an original but a cover from the Texan band The clique. The Superman in this song only has superpowers insofar as he thinks he can see that the girl of his desire doesn't really like her actual boyfriend at all. And he can track her down from miles away, but maybe that's just showing off.

After the hip-hop group N.W.A. Disbanded in the early 1990s, Above the Law were the most successful grouping of Eazy-Es record labels Ruthless Records. Her biggest hit Black Superman only figuratively refers to a true superhero, as her protagonist is also a savior and a helpful figure. The second half of the song tells the story of the character Black Superman, who became a drug dealer at the age of 15 and risks jailing. But he sees no other way out to support his single mother financially.

You can't believe that this song is really supposed to be from the otherwise so alternative sounding Alanis Morissette, but on the track the singer is actually looking for a Superman for herself. The ideal man should be fair to Alanis, treat her well and, like the man of steel, have an understanding of equality.

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