What is meant by CAM path

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Further options are available to you when creating the tracking shots. Operate the large camera inserted at the beginning and vary the following values ​​in the Objects window:

  • changes the number at "total time" to change the speed of the camera (the larger the number, the slower the tracking shot is carried out)
  • sets “autoCamPlayerMovable” to TRUE so that the hero can move during the tracking shot, sets it to FALSE to make him unable to move during this time
  • sets "autoCamUntriggerOnLastKey" to TRUE so that the tracking shot is actually ended after the last keyframe and the camera moves well behind the hero again, if you want the camera to stop at the last keyframe for the rest of the game (which I do sometimes not going out) you have to set “autoCamUntriggerOnLastKey” to FALSE
  • Enter the time in seconds for "autoCamUntriggerOnLastKeyDelay" to determine how many seconds the camera should return to its normal position after the last keyframe

These are the most important things you need to know for a proper tracking shot. I hope I was able to help you a little with this tutorial. Now all that remains to say is: May the spacer be with you! ;)