How was your NIFT 2019

January babies 2020

Hey dear ones

My appointment was yesterday morning, and I'm so in love 😍 my heart beats hard and I also got my maternity card. I have the next appointment in 2 weeks, but I don't know whether it will sound again.

Joah Otherwise I'm fine so far. The pants are very tight and everything pinches and with maternity pants I already look like I was in the 5th month 🤣 my breasts hurt and I have nausea in between, but unfortunately always at lunchtime.

Blackrose: Congratulations ❤️ my ET is also in February, and the February thread also annoys me because nobody answers. Then cut out your a million questions, some of them are already professionals 

Neck fold measurement: so my doctor already looks over it during the screening, but I would also have to see a specialist for a detailed examination. But no, I won't let them do it. On the one hand it makes no difference to us that we would have the child one way or another, even with a disability, and on the other hand I know that it is very often used to scare people. As soon as there is only a small discrepancy, it means something is wrong. After such misdiagnoses, very healthy children have already been aborted, so I distance myself from such a thing.

How is it with you, do you want to be told the gender?
And do you have a desired gender?

We will be surprised. We have one boy and two girls, so both anyway, and I find it incredibly exciting to keep this secret until the end. It's going to be a real blind date! And I don't wish for anything either. A boy would be very happy for our son, he would like reinforcements, but personally I don't care.

Best regards,
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