Acrylic plastic is heatable bendable

Current: spit protection and virus protection made of plexiglass

Spit guards and virus guards made of Plexiglas, for those who work at reception or in sales, are made to measure by us, clean and competent.

You can contact us at [email protected] or by phone 061 421 23 52.

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Schweighauser Kunststoffe AG ​​in Oberwil near Basel

We have been processing individual customer orders with all types of plastics for over 50 years. A high point in our long company history was certainly the new building in Oberwil, in which we have been producing since April 1, 2010. In the interests of sustainability, the company building is heated with natural gas and the hot water supply is covered by a solar system. Our production waste is professionally recycled or disposed of.

We manufacture from semi-finished products such as plates, tubes, round bars, square bars made of Plexiglas, PMMA / acrylic glass, polycarbonate (PC), Perspex, Repsol, PET, Quinn, PVC, polystyrene (PS), Dibond, etc. in various colors according to specifications and / or ideas of the customer, the desired product.

Our processing methods are as follows:
â € ¢ Sawing, milling up to panel size 3700x1530mm
â € ¢ Drilling
â € ¢ GluingÂ
â € ¢ Bending up to a maximum length of 2500mm
â € ¢ Thermoforming up to sheet sizes in the final dimension of 1900x1800mm
â € ¢ Pipe parts deformed up to a maximum diameter of 700mm and a length of 1000mm

We will process your inquiries as quickly as possible and assure you that your order will be processed properly and competently.

Schweighauser: Your specialist for individual plastics processing.


Schweighauser Bar

This bar can be rented from us, please contact us for more details.