Why do young people watch baseball


Player with ball and glove

Baseball is a sport with balls. It comes from the USA, but is also very popular in other countries such as Mexico and Japan. Some people also play baseball in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

In this game there are two teams that have the opportunity to score points one after the other. There are nine such passages. The game lasts until the rounds are played, so there is no clock that tells you when the game must be over.

A baseball is made from a piece of cork. Around it there is a cover made of leather, which is sewn in place with thread. A ball like that is very heavy. If he hits a player, he can hurt him.

Baseball is about hitting a ball far away and then quickly circling part of the field. There is one point for one circling.

In the United States, baseball is the most popular sport after American football. More than 100 million people watch games there every year. All over the country you can find stadiums with special fields for baseball. Well-known players are big stars.

How's the game going?

This is what a ballpark looks like. At the front is the square that has to be circled.
The thrower can be seen in a small circle on the left. He immediately throws the ball in the direction of the player with the bat who is at the "home base".

A square also belongs to the playing field. One of the corners is the “home base”, the home station. A first team player starts there. The other players on the field all belong to the second team.

The first team player is now thrown a ball. He has to hit the ball with a bat as far as possible into the large playing field, i.e. outside the square. That alone is pretty difficult. If he does not make it after three attempts, the player is out. However, the thrower must also be careful not to throw the ball too high or too low at the opponent. Otherwise it's a foul ball.

If he hits the ball, he immediately starts running to at least reach the next corner of the square. It is even better if he gets further. Once he has run around the arena, his team has scored a point. If the player hits the ball out of the stadium, he may run around once. This is called a home run.

Most of the time, however, a player only gets from one corner of the square to the next, if at all. The other team tries to catch the ball as quickly as possible: If one of them has the ball and plays it to the teammate on the corner that the opposing player wants to reach before he gets there, the run is over for him. It's only safe at one of the corners.

Then the next player in the first team comes and tries the same thing. This continues until there has been an "off" three times. An out comes, for example, if the ball is caught in the air or if a player does not reach the corner in time. After three offs, it is the turn of the other team so that they can now score points.

Where is the best baseball played?

The player in the blue shirt just ran this time and is trying to touch it quickly. The other player, in white, has the ball with him and tries to touch the player in blue beforehand. The player in blue would then have failed. In the middle is a referee who looks closely to see if the player in blue has touched the mark.

The top baseball league in the US and Canada is called Major League Baseball. It is probably the best league there is in this sport. Major League Baseball is actually an association. It consists of two leagues: the National League and the American League. The National League is the older of the two leagues and was founded in 1876, the American League a little later in 1901.

15 teams play in both leagues. There are no promotions and relegations, as we know it in football. However, sometimes a team moves to a different city. For example, the Los Angeles Dodgers used to be called the Brooklyn Dodgers. Young players are trained at universities and then come into a talent pool, the draft. There the teams of the MLB can choose them.

A team plays 162 games in one season. Series are always played in the MLB. That means two teams play against each other several times in a row. The champions of the National League and American League play the World Series against each other. That's seven games. Whoever wins more of them can call themselves "world champions".

Below the major league there are also the minor leagues. It's like the 2nd Bundesliga, only the teams can't get promoted to the Major League from there. The teams in the minor leagues mostly come from small, lesser-known cities in the United States. For example, the Reading Fightin Phils are from Reading, which is a small town in Pennsylvania. All teams in the minor leagues have a contract with an MLB team: the MLB teams use it to give young players playing time. The Fightin Phils, for example, are the Philadelphia Phillies' farm team.

  • Photo from 1954: A well-known player was Jackie Robinson of the Brooklyn Dodgers.

  • Children in the United States play baseball.

  • At a game of the Red Sox from Boston in the USA, a bat has just hit the ball.

  • A "strike": the bat could not hit this ball.

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