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Providing car windows with sun protection - what is possible?


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How do you effectively ensure protection from heat and UV rays?

Summer is just around the corner. Families in particular are looking forward to long trips by car. It just wouldn't be that Heat that accumulates particularly strongly in vehicles. Unfortunately, not every vehicle owner has a garage or carport where the car can be parked protected from the sun. And also on the way, parking spaces in the shade are often few and far between.

And also while driving protection from the sun is not negligible. The car should have a good temperature, especially if a baby or older children are on board. On the other hand, the sensitive skin protected from harmful UV rays become.

What options are there to provide car windows with sun protection? Between what options can be distinguished? Which legal regulations do you have to pay attention to the sun protection for the car window? Find out more about the topic here so that you can get your car ready for the summer.

FAQ: Sun protection for the car

What options are there for equipping the car windows with sun protection?

You can either use a sun visor, roller blind, or blackout film to keep the sun out in the summer.

Is sun protection allowed on the front car windows?

No, the windscreen and the two front side windows must not be tinted or covered by a sun visor.

How can I protect a parked car from the sun?

If shady parking spaces are few and far between, you can also darken the car windows from the outside using a sun visor.

Why is sun protection for car windows so important?

First of all, a car window should have sun protection so that the The air inside the vehicle does not heat up too much. Excessive heat can cause the driver to have difficulty concentrating and especially for babies and other children.

The big advantage of providing your car windows with sun protection: The air in the car is less hot, so the air conditioning does not have to cool it down too much. The Not only is it easy on your walletbut also the environment.

Sun protection for the car window is also important so that the occupants - whether babies, older children or adults - be protected from harmful UV rays. Another factor that shouldn't be neglected is glare from the sun. Do people look into the sunlight for too long or is the intensity too strong, there is a risk of corneal and conjunctivitis.

Sun protection for car windows - what variants are there?

In general, you can purchase the following sun protection for car windows. When buying, you should always make sure that the respective Product has adequate UV protection.

  1. Sun visor: This sun protection is in the car intended for the side window. The panels, which are about the size of a window, are usually attached to the side window with suction cups. If children are on board, models with funny motifs are often chosen.
  2. Sun protection blind: The roller blind also serves as sun protection on the car window and can be clamped in place or attached with suction cups. It can pulled up and down at will become.
  3. Sun protection film: This sun protection can be attached to the rear window or to the sides of the car. The slide ensures a permanent blackout. It is advisable to have it installed by a professional.
Furthermore there is large sunshadeswho you have favourited at the Windshield of a parked vehicle can attach. These are coated with aluminum foil, the sun is reflected and the car does not heat up as much. Some drivers make this sun protection for the car on the windshield themselves with a cardboard box. However, this option is less effective.

Windows in the car with sun protection: Can the windshield be changed?

If you would like to provide your car windows with sun protection, you must follow the legal guidelines. Is decisive in this context Section 40 of the Road Traffic Licensing Regulations - called StVZO for short. Paragraph 1 states the following:

Panes made of safety glass, which are important for the driver's view, must be clear, translucent and free of distortion.

A sun visor is therefore allowed in the car neither on the windshield nor on the two side front windows must be attached as these can restrict the driver's view. The same applies to the tinting of windows with the help of foils. If you would like to provide your car windows with sun protection in the form of foil, you are only allowed to do this on the panes from the B-pillar - this is the middle column of the vehicle - attach.

Which Sanctions threaten if you forbidden the panes in front of the B-pillar with foil or other material darken, reveals the following table:

Driving with limited visibility10 Euro
Type approval not carried / presented10 Euro
non-compliant vehicle25 euros
... traffic safety impaired90 euros1
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  1. "A sun visor must therefore not be attached to the windscreen or to the two side front windows in the car, as these can restrict the driver's view."

    What nonsense is that?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?
    If I am blinded in front, I no longer have a clear view!
    If the front is too hot for me, do I sit down in the back and drive backwards ?! What shit!
    I need sun protection in front (all around)! The air conditioning only helps to a limited extent. In addition, air conditioning could be saved if the windshield + the front side panel were. heat and glare protection!

    Kind regards…

    • Hello Ralf,

      The corresponding legal basis can be found in the text: "Panes made of safety glass, which are important for the driver's view, must be clear, translucent and free of distortion." (§ 40 Abs. 1 StVO)

      The editors of

  2. I would like to put sun protection film on the back window because of my children.
    Is there a blackout percentage you have to do?
    I'm sorry my German is not so good
    Kind regards

  3. Hello,

    my car has no sun protection on the front windows on the left and techts.
    Many cars already have good sun protection on the two windshields.
    Why can't I put a protective film on myself, which tones the windshield to the same level?

  4. Hello

    But somewhere everything contradicts each other, with the sun protection that is attached in front of the pane, it doesn't change anything on the pane itself, the pane remains as it was and as it is !! Sun protection does not change anything on the pane and not on the view from them to the outside.

    Text: "Panes made of safety glass, which are important for the driver's view, must be clear, translucent and free of distortion." (§ 40 Abs. 1 StVO)

  5. Hello,

    I bought a very good, perfectly fitting sun protection for my Seat Ibiza this year. So my daughter is very well protected at the back and the suction cups do not fall off all the time. I can only recommend.


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