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The tactical flashlight

The term is used more and more frequently in connection with modern LED flashlights Tactical flashlight. This is no wonder, because tactical flashlights are increasingly in demand and are indispensable helpers in many situations.

But what exactly characterizes a tactical flashlight? What does this name mean?

What is a tactical flashlight?

In short, a tactical flashlight is a modern, powerful and bright LED flashlight that is particularly robust and stable. Tactical flashlights have other characteristic properties.

Due to their extremely robust and resistant construction, these lamps are ideal for outdoor use and outdoor activities. Most models are protected against shock, moisture, dust and sand.

Their housing is usually so stable that they can withstand even minor falls, bumps and blows. With some tactical flashlights it should even be possible to break a window in emergency situations.

Manufacturers of tactical flashlights attach great importance to their practical use, stability and ease of use. Operation should be simple and straightforward.

Ideally, these LED flashlights should still be easy to use, even when wearing gloves.

In our opinion, the Nextorch TA30 is a very good tactical flashlight.

Special equipment features

Special equipment features can further increase the practical benefit in certain situations. Certain models also have features such as roll-away protection or a tailstand.

The term Tailstand means that the rear end of the flashlight is flat so that you can place the lamp on a flat surface with the headlight facing upwards and thus shine upwards on the ceiling.

In this way, an entire room, a tent or a cave can be illuminated. Even if the power should fail in the apartment, the Tailstand can conveniently provide sufficient light in the room.

However, many tactical flashlights come with a tail switch. A tail switch is a switch in the end cap of the lamp, which allows a very specific type of operation. If such a tail switch is available, a tail stand is often not possible, as the tail switch is located at this point instead of a flat and stable end cap. Exceptions prove the rule.

Different light modes

Thanks to special light modes, tactical flashlights can often be used as signal transmitters or even for self-defense. For this purpose, these practical LED lamps usually have light functions such as warning signals, flashes and stroboscopes (strobe).

You can find out more about self-defense with a tactical flashlight here.

Different functions can be used depending on the model and manufacturer. Make lamps, such as the Nitecore Revenger SRT7, which we have already tested here, also have colored LEDs in addition to a normal LED to enable special effects.

Tactical flashlights are not only ideal companions for on the go. These lamps can also be used at home in your own four walls. In the event of a power failure, for going to the basement or in many other situations, such a flashlight is an almost indispensable helper that should not be missing in any household, in any car or in any outdoor activity in the dark.

The most important properties at a glance
  • Tactical flashlights are extremely robust, stable and protected against all kinds of external influences.
  • Tactical flashlights are easy to use and, ideally, can usually still be operated well even with gloves.
  • Tactical flashlights usually have special light modes, such as stroboscope, SOS and / or beacon light.

For whom is a tactical flashlight suitable?

Originally, tactical flashlights were mainly used by the police, military and security services. These flashlights are also used by authorities such as law enforcement agencies or other law enforcement agencies, hunters and search and rescue services.

However, tactical flashlights have also become more and more popular for private use, as well as for hobby or sport.

Tactical flashlights are a welcome companion for almost all outdoor activities such as hiking, geocaching, camping, camping and other activities.

Photographers, adventurers and speleologists also appreciate this type of flashlight. Tactical flashlights have become true all-rounders today - apart from tactical maneuvers.