Why is this life not easy

Why not just live?

A question that everyone should ask themselves every now and then ...

The other day I was driving down a beautiful country road. She led me through stretches of forest and large fields. When I saw that the sun was low over a hill on the top left, I stopped at the roadside and got out. I took a moment to enjoy the sight.
While I was standing there, I noticed the many cows lying around in the pasture and I wondered if they were enjoying the moment as much as I was.

Suddenly I started seriously thinking about cows and their lives. Don't ask me how I came up with it, but the thought germinated that cows are actually admirable. You just enjoy life. Let's just ignore what we humans do to them and why they were on this pasture in the first place. Let's just think about what a cow basically does: it feeds, relaxes, reproduces every now and then and takes care of its offspring. Of course, this is nothing new to you and you are probably wondering what is so special about it. I'll tell you: we humans couldn't live so simply and carefree. We have forgotten what it means to just live.

The duty of employment

We're always busy doing something. We don't want to spend our time pointless, so we try to fill it with things and activities that have a deeper meaning or purpose. I write about it in my books that we should only devote our time to the things that really move us forward. This is definitely better than being unhappy and wondering where all that time has gone. But is it the only right way to live your life?

If we compare people with animals, a bizarre picture emerges: animals don't go to work. Animals don't need money. They do not get angry with their boss and do not apply for a vacation. Even so, they live full lives as long as they are not tormented or killed by humans.

That begs the question in me: Can't life make sense if you just enjoy it? What if you just do nothing? I am thinking of the cows in the meadow that I mentioned at the beginning. They looked so happy. They lay on the meadow in the sunset and chewed a little fresh grass with relish. While it's not an amazing achievement, I was pretty impressed with it. It reminded me of how beautiful and valuable it can be to just enjoy the moment.

Just enjoy the moment

We humans are almost desperate to keep ourselves busy. When a task is done, we ask ourselves what we can do next. By the way, I'm no exception. Diligence and efficiency are strong pillars of everything I have built so far. Yet the happy cows moved me to take a little more time for myself.

I don't know whether there is a universal meaning in life or not. I firmly believe that my life has the meaning I give it. And why shouldn't it make sense to just let everything stand and lie and be happy that you are alive right now? Why shouldn't it make sense to leave your work or housework for 30 minutes and take a walk where you can see the beauty of everything around you? If it is good for you, it makes sense.

As you may have already noticed, this blog article is different than usual. It does not contain a set conclusion, but consists of evolving thoughts and suggestions. I share it with you as if we were having a friendly conversation over a good dinner. I hope that these thoughts also stimulate you to question the meaningfulness of forced employment and I wish you a lot of fun while enjoying your life.

It is nice that you are there.


Cover picture: Unsplash.com, © Diana Spatariu