How can I become a patent attorney

Patent attorney training


Experts in commercial legal protection with technical expertise

As a patent attorney, you work in an advisory capacity and specialize in commercial legal protection. In order to be able to take up this profession, you must have completed a scientific or technical university degree and also have one year of (professional) experience in the technical field. This is followed by almost three years of training with a patent attorney and at the DPMA and the Federal Patent Court as well as the patent attorney examination.

On the basis of your application for admission, the German Patent and Trademark Office will decide whether the profession of patent attorney is open to you on the basis of your educational background. The Office also organizes patent attorney training and exams. After passing the exam, you can call yourself a patent assessor and apply to the Chamber of Patent Attorneys for admission as a freelance patent attorney.

If you have completed a scientific or technical degree and then worked in an advisory capacity in a patent department or patent attorney's office for at least ten years, you can also be admitted to the patent attorney examination without the three-year training.

If you are a patent attorney from another European country, you can become a German patent attorney, provided you have successfully passed a special aptitude test.

Admission to patent attorney training

Before you begin your training as a patent attorney, the DPMA must admit you to the training. For this we need a written application from you. You must also have found a training position with a patent attorney beforehand. You can find an electronic patent attorney directory on the website of the Chamber of Patent Attorneys to help you find a training place.

The Chamber of Patent Attorneys: Your contact after the patent attorney training

The Chamber of Patent Attorneys is responsible for matters relating to patent attorneys and patent attorney companies. This concerns, for example, the admission to the patent attorney's office including the swearing-in and the inclusion in the electronic patent attorney directory, the revocation of the admission, the appointment of a liquidator, the appointment of a representative as well as the exemption from the law firm's obligation.

Guidelines for patent attorney training abroad

On May 18, 2017, the "Act to Implement the Professional Recognition Directive and to Change Other Regulations in the Field of Legal Advisory Professions" came into force. A new paragraph 2a has been added to Section 7 PAO through Article 4 number 3 of the Act. Then the President of the Patent Office determines after hearing the Chamber of Patent Attorneys Guidelines under which training carried out abroad is to be recognized. The guidelines regulate the requirements for the organization and content of the training as well as for the training person.

Status: 08/10/2019