What are the project management process groups

Process group

In the strict sense, it is the logical grouping of the project management processes. What is a process in the sense of the project management concept. There are several process groups. For example that of initiation. Important goals of the initiation are among others: Distribution of the necessary information so that work can be carried out effectively / efficiently from the beginning, negligence in the early project phases lead to (expensive) difficulties later, therefore the goals and the working method of the respective project phase are clarified, the information about the Projects are exchanged and aligned among the stakeholders. Then the project or the next project phase is considered as a whole. All those involved should agree as early as possible on all questions. As with all process groups, the processes repeat and interact with each other. All process steps for planning the project or for detailing the respective project phase are summarized in the planning process group. All steps are based on the defined goal of the project. The monitoring process group deals with the continuous monitoring of target achievement in the project. The main processes are supported by a large number of auxiliary processes; this includes acceptance processes for requirements and other types of results, deadline and cost control and risk monitoring. The main process groups repeat themselves repeatedly in all project phases - but in different ways.