What can I learn before bed

Brain hack: is it possible to study while you sleep?

While sleeping, most of the body's functions are in sleep mode, but not the brain. It only really comes into its top form overnight, as impressions acquired during the day have to be sorted and, if necessary, saved.

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How does the brain work during sleep?

Researchers were able to identify three important mechanisms in sleep:

  • By reactivating certain nerve cells, new memory contents are played out over and over again and ultimately consolidated. This so-called "replay" makes information easier to call up the next day.
  • The second mechanism concerns the separation of the important and the unimportant.
  • The information that makes it into long-term memory is linked to existing memories.

The criteria according to which the brain decides which content is worth remembering and which can be forgotten has not been fully clarified. But: Anyone who repeats what they have learned the night before gives this information a priority that the brain takes into account. Very emotional memories are equally more likely to be stored than others.

Our brain also learns during sleep, but only the content that has been internalized beforehand. You can't learn new things in your sleep.Even if many have already tried: Placing a book under the pillow does not lead to success.

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How to use sleep properly

If you want to learn particularly effectively, you should make sure you get enough sleep. In order to memorize a lot, it is best to study in the morning: The energy stores are still full and the brain is receptive. After all, the brain consumes around 20 percent of the energy supplied.

If you want to memorize something in the long term, you should review the content again and again and repeat the essentials again before going to bed. The brain also needs plenty of oxygen for restful sleep. Before going to bed, ventilate the bedroom well.

In this sense: Open the window and good night!

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