What are your skills in opening locks

Desired career as a key emergency service fitter

A small moment of inattention is enough and it's done: The door slams and you stand locked in front of your own apartment. In moments like this you are happy when the key emergency service arrives quickly and can give you access to your own four walls.

It used to be the job of a key and lock maker, but this has become obsolete due to the training reform. There is no longer a uniform job description in the industry today. Since locksmithing in and of itself is not a trade and therefore not an independent job description, there is accordingly no training in this area. However, if you want to work in this profession, you can learn the necessary knowledge in further training courses or seminars and become self-employed. The prospects for working in this profession are good, but the job is not suitable for everyone. What should one know in this context?

Not an easy job

The job as a key emergency service fitter is not easy. In particular, the working hours must be observed here, because doors and locks also have to be opened outside of normal working hours, key emergency services are often required in the middle of the night or on public holidays. In addition, manual dexterity is indispensable for this profession, the services are not limited to opening locks. Among other things, aspects of security technology and technical understanding of door mechanisms are important points that a serious locksmith must know. Classic door locks are no longer the only locks that need to be opened; more and more households are also using electronic door locks. You can also learn how to use these modern locking systems in special seminars. In addition, a key emergency service should be able to provide its customers with comprehensive advice in relevant areas. So what do you need to work independently as a locksmith?

Is it necessary to force training?

Anyone who wants to open a locksmith or a key emergency service must of course have the skills necessary to open locks without damage. As already mentioned, these skills can be acquired in the course of further training or seminars, but proof of corresponding certificates is not absolutely necessary. Many also learn this craft on their own. In addition, tools are of course required, which, depending on the equipment, causes some investment costs. But not everyone can register a trade as a locksmith at all. Since the ability to open locks can also be misused, the locksmith trade is “in need of supervision”. That means you have to prove that you are trustworthy. First of all, a police clearance certificate is required. Without a clean slate, you have no chance of opening a locksmith business. Approved locksmiths are monitored to prevent misuse. So if you call locksmith 123, for example, you can be sure that it is a reputable company. Last but not least, a so-called central trade register excerpt is required, which you have to present if you want to register the trade.

In theory, anyone with a flawless police clearance certificate can register a business as a key emergency service and become self-employed. The lack of a licensing requirement in this profession is both a blessing and a curse. On the one hand, it is made easy for skilled craftsmen to gain a foothold in a sought-after trade, on the other hand, the technical qualifications of locksmiths are very different. It was not uncommon to hear about black sheep in the industry, and corresponding services are regularly tested. So if you want to start a serious business, you should be able to convince with sound knowledge right from the start.

What else should I keep in mind?

Many decide to enter the locksmith industry because of the supposed above-average pay. In view of amounts over 100 euros, for a minute of work at best, the impression could easily arise. What many forget here, however, is the order situation, which is responsible for the current sales of every self-employed person. On the one hand there are countless competitors against whom you have to assert yourself, on the other hand, in the best case scenario, you have to be available 24 hours a day in order not to miss any valuable orders. The order situation as a locksmith cannot be planned under any circumstances. In addition, the work of a locksmith is usually not limited to just opening locks - the supposed minute it takes to open a lock with a professional device includes coordination with the customer as well as arrival and departure.

If you have the skills to show a clean certificate of good conduct and are not afraid to be available 24 hours a day, the key emergency service is definitely worthwhile. The whole job stands or falls with one's own professionalism and seriousness, word of mouth is an important key to new customers.