Why do dogs lick their paws

Paw nibbling in dogs: possible causes at a glance

What are the signs that you can tell that your bitch is in heat and therefore ready to mate? How long does heat last? And how can you support your bitch during this time? We give tips.

Heat: when the bitch gets into the heat

A dog's nose has real super powers. With it, a trained dog can follow a person's scent trail for days or track down avalanche victims under masses of snow. But why do dogs smell so much better than humans?

Super-nosed dog: that's why dogs can smell so good

Before a dog can become a reliable riding companion, it must be trained. Dogs are hunters, horses are escape animals - both instinctively distrust each other. Therefore, they first have to get to know each other and build trust in one another.

Riding companion dog: First the training, then the ride

In order for your dog to understand how hard it can bite when playing or fighting with other dogs, it must develop anti-bite properties at an early stage. But how does a dog learn this skill?

Bite Resistance: Why It's Necessary and How Dogs Learn It

If the male sex drive is too strong, the walk can become torture. Castration can help. But the intervention needs to be carefully considered. Because once neutered, the decision is no longer reversible. We show alternatives.

Castration of the dog: not a solution to all problems

Grain fields are one of the typical images of midsummer. They offer an inviting playing field for dogs. But many types of grain pose a health risk for dogs: awns. We give tips on how you can protect your dog effectively.

Awns: the underestimated danger for the dog

If the dog walks nicely, the collar and harness both serve their purpose. But if something arouses the hunting instinct, the dog lies on the leash. Now it makes a big difference whether he wears a collar or a harness.

Collar or harness: this is how your dog is best equipped

As soon as it gets warmer, the ticks leave their winter quarters and look for a host where they can quench their thirst. Dogs are frequent victims of the parasites. We give tips on how you can protect your dog.

Ticks: Protect your dog from the annoying crawfish

When buying a puppy, you should choose the breed and seller carefully so that the puppy is physically and mentally healthy and can easily be integrated into family life. Here are the most important rules for buying a puppy.

Buying a puppy: what you should be aware of

Loud bangs and a party mood until the early hours of the morning - what people enjoy on New Year's Eve is pure stress for most dogs. We give tips on how you can support your dog to deal with the fear of the New Year's Eve crash.

How to prepare your dog for a stress-free New Year's Eve