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Find surebets - no losses

Betting on sports betting completely without any risk, making a profit with every bet - this is probably the dream of every betting enthusiast. But do the "safe" betting tips really exist in practice? We would like to put the positive answer directly in front - yes. In technical terms, the term surebets is used here.

In the following guide we want to show you how you can find surebets, the risks associated with the bets and whether it is really worth switching to this sports betting strategy.

The pure surebets - the example

The pure and simple surebets should also be recognizable for a layperson. Let's take a tennis match as an example, which is quoted by two bookies as follows:

Player APlayer B
Bookmaker A1,852,1
Bookmaker B2,21,9

If you now bet on player B with provider A and on player A with bookie B, you will always end up in the profit zone.

In practice, however, it is not that easy to find surebets. Such offers, which are based on real "false quotations", are only available every few years.

When finding normal surebets, you have to be able to calculate betting odds. We'll show you this with an example.

  • Bookmaker A: Player A with odds of 1.85
  • Bookmaker B: Player B with odds of 2.47

Beginners will certainly hardly see a surebet at this point. But there is actually a safe bet variant. You have to calculate the payout key with 1 / odds.

  • Bookmaker A: 1 / 1.85 = 0.541
  • Bookmaker B: 1 / 2.47 = 0.405

The sum is formed from these values. In our case 0.946. Whenever the number is below 1, you have found a surebets. The calculation model can also be applied to the 3-way betting markets, i.e. football, ice hockey or handball.

The practice missions have to be adapted

When placing a tip, the stake is now decisive. Only those who choose the right game amounts will successfully lead their surebets over the finish line. In our example, a total stake of 1,000 euros results in the following split:

  • Bookmaker A: 1.85 x € 560 stake = 1,036.00 euros
  • Bookmaker B: 2.47 x € 440 stake = 1,086.80 euros

Regardless of which player wins our tennis match, the sports bettor is definitely a plus.

In which sports are there surebets?

Our sports betting experience shows that the surebets can mainly be found in the 2-way area. Safe bets are particularly common in baseball, American football and rugby. Every now and then surebets also appear in the goals over / under sector in football bets. In the classic 3-way area - i.e. for a win, a draw or a loss - the surebets are rarely found.

Another important point is that the betting constellations are usually only given shortly after the odds have been published. The customer usually has to place the tips a few days, often weeks, in advance in order to benefit from the Surebets model.

Surebets can be found via auxiliary modules

If you want to find surebets, you can of course get to work with the calculator. But success is "in the stars". Theoretically, you would have to recalculate all of the bookies' betting odds. Help is available at this point on the Internet. There are several very good surebets finders on the World Wide Web. The auxiliary modules are constantly fed with the latest offers from the online bookmaker and calculate the constellations independently. All you have to do is pull out the information and place your bets as quickly as possible.

The risks and disadvantages of surebets

The surebets guarantee 100% profits, this fact cannot be refuted. Nevertheless, there are some disadvantages in practical use. On the one hand, finding independent surebets is extremely difficult. On the other hand, the offers are usually only available for a very short time. There are enough users who are constantly on the hunt for such offers. The result is that the bookmakers usually have to book increased stakes on certain betting odds within a very short time. Quotations are often adjusted at lightning speed. Furthermore, the sports betting customer would have to be registered with almost all bookies in order to always be able to react to the surebets. This is practically absurd, of course.

Another point is finances. The total winnings from the surebets tend to be in the lower range. If you don't play your betting tips with at least 1,000 euros or more, you will only see very small changes in your betting account. Furthermore, it is possible that the betting limits for the bookies will be affected. Another serious negative detail is time. If the customer places his tip with bookmaker A, meanwhile the odds with bookmaker B may have changed again and the surebets will vanish into thin air.

Additionally should to the terms and conditions of the online providers be respected. For example, if a match is terminated prematurely, a 1: 1 payout can result and the surebets bet also collapsed.

Are the surebets actually legal?

Yes. The surebets are of course legal. As a customer, you are free to benefit from bookmakers' betting odds fluctuations. The bookies do not really suffer any damage. With one provider you make a profit, with another bookmaker you record a loss.

Our conclusion: Surebets are not a real sports betting strategy

"Safe" betting naturally has its advantages. However, if you weigh the possible chances of winning against the disadvantages, a rather negative picture emerges. From our point of view, the Surebets strategy is not really recommended, especially for sports betting beginners.