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You can learn how to multiply a matrix by a vector here. These are the topics:

  • A Explanationhow to multiply matrix times vector.
  • Examples for vector with matrix.
  • Tasks / exercises to practice the topic yourself.
  • A Video for calculating with matrices.
  • A Question and answer area to this area.

Note: No further knowledge is required for this article.

Matrix times vector explanation

Multiplying a matrix by a vector is actually relatively simple:


The multiplication of a matrix with a vector is done by the multiplication "row by column". The number of coordinates in the result corresponds to the number of rows in the matrix.

example 1:

We have a matrix with two rows and three columns. This is multiplied by a vector with x, y and z. In principle, the row of the matrix is ​​multiplied by the column. You can see the detailed calculation and the result here:


Matrix times vector example 2

If this is not enough, here is a more extensive example.

Example 2: 3x3 matrix times vector

In this example we have a 3x3 matrix, i.e. a matrix with 3 rows and 3 columns. This is multiplied again by a vector. Here, too, we go through the calculation piece by piece with row by column and calculate this at the end.

Multiply video matrix

Examples and explanations

We don't have an extra video on how to compute matrix times vector. However, we have a video that generally deals with the multiplication of matrices:

  • Matrix multiplication
  • Matrix times matrix
  • Example is pre-calculated.

Tip: do the math again yourself. That way everything stays in your memory better.

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Questions with answers matrix times vector

In this section we look at typical matrix by vector questions with answers.

Q: When is this topic covered?
A: Calculating with matrices and also matrix times vector is dealt with in the upper level, mostly from grade 11. Calculating with matrices is also part of many courses.

Q: What topics should I look at next?
A: We are currently working on these topics and will link them here after publication:

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