How do I start developing Flash games

How to create a flash game

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Flash is a popular format for browser-based video games seen on sites like Newgrounds and Kongregate.

Part 1

Start process

Customize your game.Before you start programming, it will be helpful to have a rough idea of ​​what you want your game to do.

  • Endless Runners: These games automatically move the character and the player is responsible for jumping over obstacles or otherwise interacting with the game.
  • Brawlers: These are usually side scrolling and ask the player to defeat opponents in order to progress.
  • Puzzles: In these games, players are asked to solve puzzles to beat each level.
  • RPGs: These games focus on character development and progression and let the player wander through different environments with different types of enemies.

Find out what makes Flash so special.Flash is best for 2D games.

  • Flash games are also great for quick meetings.

Familiarize yourself with the ActionScript3 (AS3) language.Flash games are programmed in AS3 and you need a basic understanding of how it works in order to create a game successfully.

  • There are several ActionScript books and a variety of online tutorials and examples available from Amazon and other stores.

Download Flash Professional.This program costs money, but it is the best way to quickly create Flash programs.

  • Flash Professional is the only program you need to create games.

Part 2

Write a basic game

Understand the basic building blocks of AS3 code.Different code structures are used in creating a base game.

  • Variables - This is how your data is stored.
    var playerHealth: number = 100;
  • Event Handlers - Event handlers look for specific events and inform the rest of the program.
    addEventListener (MouseEvent.CLICK, swingSword);
  • Function - Sections of code that are assigned to a keyword and can be called later.
    function swingSword (e: MouseEvent): void;

Create an object.ActionScript is used to manipulate objects in Flash.

  • Open Flash Professional if you have not already done so.
  • [1]
  • In the Tools Window, click the Rectangle drawing tool.
  • Use the selection tool to select the rectangle.

Assign properties to the object.Open the newly created rectangle and select "Convert to Symbol".

  • Find the Properties window.
  • Each “instance” is a separate object that can be affected by code.
  • When referring to the objects in code, all you have to do is use the instance name, in this case "enemy".

Learn how to change the properties of an instance.After you have created an instance, you can adjust the properties via AS3.

Examine the

Create a base game using the information above.Now that you have a basic understanding of the core features, you can create a game where the opponent will resize each time you click it until they run out of health. [2]

var enemyHP: number = 100;

Try it.After you've created the code, it's time to test your new game.

part 3

Learn advanced techniques

Learn how packages work.ActionScript is based on Java and uses a very similar packaging system.

  • For more information on how packages work in Java, see this guide.

Create your project folder.When creating a game with multiple pictures and sound clips, you need to create a folder structure for your game.

  • Create a base folder for your project.
  • Create a "Game" folder in the "src" folder to save your Constants file.
  • This special structure is not required, but it does provide an easy way to organize your work and materials, especially for larger projects.

Add sound to your game.A game without sound or music quickly becomes boring for the player.

Create a constants file.If your game has a lot of values ​​that will stay the same throughout the game, you can create a constants file to keep all of the values ​​in one place so that you can easily access them.

  • When you create a constants file, you need to put it in a folder in your project and import it as a package.
    Package {import game. *;

Check out other people's games.While many developers don't reveal the code for their games, there are a variety of project tutorials and other open projects that allow you to see the code and how it interacts with game objects.