How do I rate my financial advisor

Customer ratings

For example, if you search for a independent financial advisor and financial planner search, you will come across a wide variety of matches. How are you supposed to find the “right” consultant for you from this selection and which one will later deliver the best results?

Definitely a difficult and important decision - after all, it is about your financial future.

In addition to factors such as Qualification and Sympathy are sure they are Opinions of other customers a very good help. Therefore, I encourage all of my customers to write an appropriate review: Creating reviews Transparency and help other people to find the best consultant for their needs and requirements.

But customer ratings are also immensely important for myself: They help me to assess my performance from the customer's point of view and to better respond to the requirements and wishes of my customers. Only with the help of your feedback can I keep improving and align my service more and more with the customer - that is, with you!

I am pleased that I have almost always received above-average feedback from customers and also twice as Top advisor to WhoFinance was awarded. I don't want to rest on that! Rather, it is an incentive for me to continue to remain true to my consulting philosophy and to reliably support my customers even in stormy times.

If you are currently looking for a professional financial advisor and financial planner, please get an impression of the feedback from existing and former customers below.

If we are already working together, please take 5 minutes and leave a review. Thank you very much!