Why are people so friendly and helpful

"The people in Costa Rica are so friendly, open, helpful and warm."

Sonja wrote:


My daily routine:

Breakfast, 7: 30-10: 30 project, beach / city, yoga / salsa / surfing, dinner

My free time:

Beach, surfing, yoga, dancing, running, excursions (national parks), eating out in nice restaurants, drinking a café, swimming, beach picnics, cocoa tour, weekly market, short trip to Panama

My experiences with the new culture:

The people in Costa Rica are so friendly, open, helpful and warm. I was really impressed! The culture in Costa Rica is also very special: delicious food, beautiful music, joie de vivre and "pura vida" ...

My most beautiful and most unusual moments:

I've had so many great moments that it is really not easy for me to choose one. I spontaneously remember the moment when I was able to stroke a baby sloth. It was so wonderful to be able to attack this special animal! Another great experience was when I wanted to buy fruit at the fruit stand, but unfortunately didn't have enough money with me. The seller said it didn't matter and I was able to take the fruit and bring the money the next day: Pura vida! ... the moment when I drank coconut water from a Pisa for the first time! ... delicioso! ... the feeling of being able to ride a bike along the coast (next to palm trees, jungle and sea) ...

My tips for future globetrotters:

Do not think long! Travel where you always wanted to go! Experiences and experiences are things that you can't buy and that nobody can take away from you!

My conclusion:

It was the best decision I could have made !! In the 6 weeks in Costa Rica I experienced, saw, met new people, made friends, got to know a new culture, ate delicious food and just had a lot of fun!