How old is the Stanley Cup trophy

Will Stanley Cup Champions get a replica of the cup?

There are three different types of Stanley Cup:

  • Original (used between 1892-1970 - now in the vault of the Hockey Hall of Fame)
  • Presentation (created in 1963 - presented to Stanley Cup winning teams and used for promotions)
  • Replica (created 1993 - used as a replacement in the Hockey Hall of Fame when the Presentation Cup is not available for display)

According to this article, 22 Things You May Not Know About the Stanley Cup, there is a "Keeper of the Cup" accompanying the Cup (presumably the Presentation Cup used today - as the other two are specifically for exhibition in hockey Hall of Fame) wherever it goes.

Will Stanley Cup Champions get a replica of the cup?

No. However, the NHL grants the Stanley Cup winning team 100 days with the Cup in the off-season, accompanied by the Keeper of the Cup. In 1994-1995, the New Jersey Devils established the tradition of giving every player on their team a day with the cup within 100 days.


So will the "keeper of the cup" follow the cup to all of the players' houses?


Yes, the goalkeeper is known among ice hockey fans. He has been the keeper for many years.