How can I increase the hotel WiFi speed

How do I deal with slow WiFi in the hotel?


I can only tell you what I am doing. First select a hotel chain and stick with it. I always stay in a specific group of hotels and this gives me a chance to know that I am less likely to have a problem. When I have a problem, I have more of a burden because I'm an established customer.

If there is a problem, you have three options.

  1. Use the wired network. Most of the hotels I stay in have in-room ethernet (but not advertised). Usually it's just a plug in the lamp on the desk. Almost all hotels have this. Make sure to ask for this whenever you have a problem with WiFi.

  2. Go to the Business Center. There are almost always cable connections and better WiFi in the business center. Almost all hotels have this too.

  3. Use your cell phone tethering. Yeah, it sucks, but if you get slow speeds in the hotel this might be your only option.

You may need to be more realistic about your network needs.

(approx. 7 ~ 10 Mbit / s are sufficient), but do not tolerate <2 Mbit / s

That can be totally unrealistic. I understand your goal, but unless you're watching Netflix or playing games, that speed just isn't required.

You could try not pushing commits until you have a better network. Or just accept a slightly slower page load time. For example, a Google search is about 80 KB. Even with a 56k modem, it takes less than 2 seconds. At around 200 kbps, that's less than a second. An SO page is again 290 KB in size and only has about 200 KBit / s for a few seconds.

Try running a local caching DNS server on your laptop or try caching more aggressively. Essentially, at 100 kbps, you should have more than you need for the bandwidth you're looking for. Maybe latency is a problem?


" You may need to be more realistic about your network needs. "+1 to that.


"You may need to be more realistic about your network needs." +1 too.

André Borie

You can get a better wi-fi antenna. A lot of wireless problems are simply due to poor coverage and crappy access points (consumer devices are junk and operating systems are way too optimistic about how the signal level is displayed - sometimes the full signal is shown when you are no more than 1Mbps from the AP).

Get a wireless USB dongle with decent antennas (this one looks nice, but I haven't tried it) and you should get much better speeds than the standard antennas (try not to laugh) that your laptop comes with.


1. Many laptops have WLAN antennas in the lid. 2. I tried an Alpha a long time ago, but very often it just solves (if at all) the problem where you can't connect at all. The speed issues discussed are usually caused by the hotel having a crappy upstream.