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ISST certification: Instructions for submitting the documents

More detailed information can also be found under "Certification" and other pages on this website.

Formal application for the certificate: If you submit an application for certification to the ISST e. V., this will be checked in advance by national reviewers. In Germany these are
- Christine Zens, IST-Hamburg: [email protected]
- Wolfgang Beth, NEST Nuremberg: [email protected]

Please note the content requirements on this page, the formal requirements and make the application by email (not by post!) In the manner described here. When submitting the documents to Mr. Beth, please also note the requirements on his website.

All forms and the currently binding criteria can be found on the ISST e.V. website under "Certification":

You have to be a member of the ISST e.V. before you can submit the application. You can find the membership application here. Please do not send us an application before you have entered your membership number!

For a smooth examination and forwarding of the application for certification, we need the following documents. Please send them to me in 3 packages under the above email to:

Package A (please summarize in a single pdf file) contains: The fully completed, current application form from 2019 as well as a certification certificate that may already be available and, if applicable, a brief explanation if the deadline is exceeded (see point b2).

Info A1 on the certification of the courses: If you have completed your advanced training in Germany at an ISST-recognized institute, you will receive a signed overall certificate from your institute management for all completed courses (analogous to the application form). Please submit this together with your application form.

Info A2 on further individual courses: If these were offered by a certified trainer / at a recognized institute and correspond to the content and formal requirements of the ISST e.V., they will usually be recognized by your curriculum management and can be documented on the overall certificate.

Info A3 on individual certification: This path is also still possible. Make sure, however, that you only submit signed ISST course certificates (i.e. no normal chamber certificates of attendance, these often have different scores than the dyadic / didactic units of the ISST).

Application: Please fill out the application form completely. Please do not make any deletions, even if you have already applied for certification, you will have to fill out the form again.

1.Personal data: Please note your membership number, your certification request (Individual, GST, CA-ST, etc.) and degree (standard / advanced) and the required additional information on the application.

2.Training: Make a note of all relevant information about the curriculum and other workshops (title, content, lecturer (s), number of participants, date of the visit (in month / year). Your curriculum manager can help you with additions and corrections. Finally, please calculate your training hours ( currently at least 15 dyadic and at least 25 dydactic units (see Info 2.3).

Info 2.1: For courses in other curricula (GST, Ca-ST, Couples-ST): Only courses for the respective certification path count, ie you cannot, for example, have CA, Couples or GST-ST courses credited towards individual certification .

Info 2.2: on the time criterion: If after completing the basic theory you have regularly attended other workshops or have made use of supervision, the time criterion of 3 years (please see the current information on the ISST website) is extended by a further 2 years. Otherwise, it has proven useful for longer breaks to formulate a short (English-language) letter of explanation (e.g. parental leave, illness) and send it in the first package.

Info 2.3 on conversion: The ISST calculates in hours, while most German curricula traditionally (analogous to chamber certificates) specify their course times in teaching units. Your curriculum director may help you with the conversion.

3. Supervision:Please document your supervisors, the number of hours of supervision and the start and end date (month / year). Finally, please calculate the total number of hours of supervision.

Info 3.1 on the supervision confirmation (comes in package B): Please send us a total confirmation for each supervisor (see example) for all supervision hours (no invoices or individual certificates, please). Please also list all cases, diagnoses and treatment hours in a table (proof point 4). This confirmation comes in package B.

Info 3.2 on further confirmations (come in package B): In addition, certificates of supervision days and self-awareness can also be submitted. Scheme-therapeutic self-experience can currently be credited to the supervision with 3 (standard) or 6 (advanced) TU (if the format is appropriate).

4. Treatment hours and number of cases: Please list the initials / codes of your patients, the hours of treatment (under supervision) and the respective diagnoses. Finally, please calculate the total number of hours of treatment.

5. Results of the ratings:Please list the names of your raters, the respective scores of the STCRS (video) and the STCCRS (case conceptualization), the respective date of the ratings and the rated cases based on the diagnoses.

Info 5.1 Selection of the rater: The rating may only be carried out by supervisors with whom you have not yet attended a workshop. Please take this into account when making your selection and documentation.

Info 5.2 on case conceptualization: A case conceptualization rating has been mandatory since May 2019. The case conceptualization (text in German) will be sent in package B together with the rating and the signed result scale.

Info 5.3 on the video rating: The result scale confirmed by signature (the individual scales must be visible) is submitted together with a description of the content of the certification tape (in accordance with ISST).

6. Signature: Sign the application form.

Package B (please submit summarized as a pdf):Necessary documents (these will be checked by us, but not forwarded to the ISST):
- Include a copy of your qualification certificate (license to practice medicine, medical certificate)
- If you wish, add further workshop receipts / documents
- Include the supervision confirmation (s), possibly confirmations for supervision day (s) or for self-awareness
- Include the case conceptualization (s)
- Please enclose the signed result sheets of the ratings with individual scales of the STCRC and STCCRS and the description of the hours according to the ISST and the summary of the hour rated (see also material on this website).

Package C (word file): Prepare the current checklist with your name, title and email address and attach it to your application as a word document.

Info: This is then completed and signed by the reviewer and goes to the international examiner together with your application.

Your curriculum manager or your supervisor will be happy to support you with the application. Email me or Mr. Beth if you have any questions.

After it has been checked by the national reviewers (together with the corresponding recommendation and the checklist), the application is forwarded to the office and the international certification officer of the ISST (Paul Kasyanik) for further processing or final examination.

Please note that the certification process can take some time. Both national and international colleagues review and process your applications on a voluntary basis. Unfortunately, technical problems cannot always be ruled out. Please ask if you have not heard anything after a long time.

Dipl.-Psych. Christine Zens
[email protected]