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At the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Mechatronics at the Deggendorf University of Technology, there are sufficient numbers of PC workstations and CAD-compatible workstations available for students. The IT workstations are connected to the general services of the IT center via a wired network and are freely accessible to the students.

Additional IT workstations are also available in various laboratories. The hardware and software of these EDP devices are adapted to the respective laboratory equipment and are partly operated as an isolated solution. In principle, the IT workstations of the other faculties are also accessible to the students.

EDP ​​responsibility is divided into two areas: The basic services (user administration, file server, email, backup) are provided centrally by the IT center. The faculties, on the other hand, provide application-related services for training and are responsible for the hardware and software equipment of the laboratories.

The tasks are coordinated in close coordination between the IT center and the respective faculty.



A unique email address and an entry in the university's global address directory are created for each student. The email inbox can be managed via any common email client or via a web interface.


File storage

A personal network drive is available for the storage of their data. The size of the drive is limited and can be enlarged individually if necessary (e.g. for project work). A shared distribution drive with read access ensures the smooth distribution of large amounts of data such as lecture notes.

Both drives are automatically available after the login process at a PC workstation.

With Nextcloud, a web-based file storage is available for easy access from outside with a smartphone or notebook.


Virtual learning platform 

The open source product Moodle is available across the university as a central virtual learning platform for organizing courses. The availability of this service is ensured centrally by the IT center.


Access for private notebooks

Sufficient easily accessible sockets are also installed on the permanently installed PC workstations for the power supply of private notebooks.

Every student with a valid user account can register their own notebook for the connection to WLAN. The WLAN is available almost everywhere throughout the university.

Worldwide, secure access to the services of the IT center (email, data storage, Moodle) is possible via the Internet.


Printing and copying
Every student can print out independently on all freely available printers across the university. The printing costs incurred are recorded and offset against the personal printing credit. The printing credit can be viewed at student terminals and upgraded if necessary.

For printing technical drawings, the faculty's own large-format plotter is also available in room C116.

A private service provider for copy and print jobs (Copyshop room C012) offers extended printing options such as large print jobs or bound expenses for bachelor theses.


Server equipment at the faculty

The Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Mechatronics provides application-related services for training. The server structures required for this are housed in separate air-conditioned rooms in the faculty and are looked after by the faculty's IT staff.

These are mainly license servers that are required for the operation of CAD applications and technical simulation programs.

But also installations for student project work or the environment for the operation of the faculty's own large format plotter are among them.

The individual servers run on KVM-based virtualization technology.


Software equipment

A wide variety of software products are used at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Mechatronics. The use of free and open standards is ensured for the provision of basic services (especially for information services).

For the training-related applications (CAx, simulation, programming), the software products commonly used in the industry are available. Several different products are available, especially for CAD applications.

Training-related applications:


PTC Creo, SolidWorks, Tebis

Simulation and calculation

MATLAB Simulink, Kisssoft, Festo FluidSim (pneumatics / hydraulics), Nastran / Patran, Ansys, Trysim (PLC), iTNC Heidenhain, B&R Automation-Studio, Kuka-Simulation


Private use:

For academic purposes, selected software products are available for installation on private devices, e.g. B. PTC Creo,

The procedure for downloading and licensing is documented on the university's website.


Technical equipment in the lecture rooms

All lecture rooms are equipped with height-adjustable tables for lecturers. The basic technical equipment of the rooms includes a projector, document camera and audio system.


IT support for students

The supervision of students at the Deggendorf University of Technology is divided into several pillars:


Helping people help themselves

On the intranet, students can find up-to-date information on IT, FAQs and access to personal status queries.


IT support

The IT support of the Deggendorf University of Technology is organized as the first point of contact for IT problems using a ticket system. The users can formulate their inquiries on a website. These are forwarded to the responsible staff in the IT center or laboratory engineers directly to the faculty via the ticket system and answered by email.


Faculty staff

At the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Mechatronics, two laboratory engineers are available to provide direct and quick help with IT problems. Student assistants are also regularly deployed for general maintenance work.


Access restrictions, opening times

The laboratories and their access routes are handicapped accessible. The individual floors can be reached by lifts.

The opening times of the PC workstations are based on the general opening times of the Deggendorf University of Technology (see house rules).

Outside of the lecture events, the PC workstations are freely accessible.