What is an IP sniffer

IP Sniffer: This is how PRTG can help you

Frequently asked questions about IP sniffers

How does an IP sniffer work?

A sniffer sniff = to sniff) is a tool or software that checks traffic. Incoming and outgoing data traffic is "sniffed" at an interface. A sniffer can record data packets and recognize sender and recipient by IP address.

How do I use an IP sniffer?

If you have an acute problem - such as noticeably high traffic in your network or problems with the transmission of data - then use an IP sniffer to find the cause. The traffic itself, i.e. the individual data packets, can also be sniffed. With the Packet Sniffer Sensor from PRTG you can permanently monitor your traffic and the distribution according to devices, applications and IP addresses.

What is an IP scanner?

The term IP scanner is often used as a synonym for IP sniffer. But there are also sniffer tools that are referred to by the term "IP scanner". A scanner for certain systems such as Microsoft, mac or Linux is often searched for here. PRTG also scans your network, but it is network monitoring software because you monitor your network continuously.

How do I install PRTG's IP Sniffer?

The first time you run PRTG, auto-discovery starts. You enter an IP range. PRTG adds all devices within the IP address range for monitoring. You then create the packet sniffer sensor individually, either on the server whose individual traffic you want to monitor, or you use the monitoring port of your switch to include all traffic in the monitoring.