What is the deepest fresh water lake

Master data lowest point

Measuring point no .: 2097
Municipality: Starnberger See (royalty free)
District: Starnberg
Operator: WWA Weilheim

Waters: Lake Starnberg
Catchment area: 314.70 km2
Ostwert: 673604 (ETRS89 / UTM Zone 32N)
North value: 5310952

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For the measuring point Lowest point is currently no extended master data sheet.

Photo of the measuring point

Location of the lowest point / Starnberger See measuring point

Measuring pointcategory
PupplingRivers: runoff, water level, water temperature
BeuerbergRivers: runoff, water level, water temperature
WebsRivers: runoff, water level, suspended matter
WeilheimRivers: runoff, water level, water temperature, suspended matter
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