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THINK Global School opens in September 2010 as the world's first global mobile high school

SAN FRANCISCO, March 23 / PRNewswire / - THINK Global School (TGS)
announced today that it will be the world's first mobile high school when it welcomes first year ninth students in September 2010. The revolutionary TGS educational model integrates the best teaching methods with comprehensive, experience-oriented learning on a wide scale during each of the twelve trimesters in a different international city. The school prepares a select number of overseas students not only for university but also for leadership roles in an increasingly complex, interconnected and multicultural world.

THINK Global School is a non-profit, private high school that follows the International Baccalaureate (IB) Program, US curriculum, and US accreditation and teaches in English. Fifteen students from international countries are admitted to the first TGS class and fifteen or more international students are admitted each subsequent year while the advanced students take the next class.

The 2010-2011 school year will take place in Stockholm, Sydney and Beijing / Hong Kong, and students will live and study in Kuala Lumpur, Berlin and Santiago the following year. THINK Global School has its own dedicated faculty who will live and travel with the school. Host schools in each city will provide TGS with their school libraries, scientific laboratories for biology, physics, chemistry and experimental work, and their classrooms for certain academic courses and guest speeches. They will also welcome TGS students to participate in exercises, sports and arts activities with their own students. THINK Global School is proud to announce that their host school for the first year will be the Young Business Creatives in Stockholm and the MLC school in Sydney. A school in Beijing / Hong Kong will be determined shortly.

"The vision of THINK Global School is to discover the wonders of the world and make them our classroom," said CEO and founder, Joann McPike, who is also a photographer, world traveler and mother. "We offer children an alternative to the usual educational systems that keep them at a desk and the chance to experience the diversity of cultures, beliefs, languages ​​and stories of twelve most remarkable countries in all their splendor and complexity. Our world-class, local instructors Tour guides and experts arouse the curiosity of the students and support their ingenuity. THINK Global School will contribute to the development of our students. They will learn the necessary wisdom, tolerance, understanding and respect, which leads to creativity and questioning and ultimately into open and committed world citizens -citizen results. "

Aron Solomon, an independent school administrator and a world class teacher in the United States and Canada for more than twenty years, is the executive director and principal of THINK Global School. "The world is moving faster and faster and international dialogue and understanding is more important than ever," said Solomon. "THINK Global School prepares students for life and leadership positions in the 21st century by using global perspectives as the basis of the curriculum and recognizing that we all, especially children, learn best through practical action."

An integral part of the TGS learning experience is the cycle of theory, action and reflection that has been incorporated into all areas of the curriculum. Each country traveled to turns into a classroom and "experiential learning" takes on a whole new meaning: students will study the physics of a sinking ship at the Viking Vasa Museum in Stockholm, their Mandarin language skills in in Maliandao Tea City in Beijing and discuss contemporary literature with Australian author Danielle Wood in Sydney. Learning at TGS means that students work in teams and upload photos of local art, blog about their experiences, and then have a Socratic discussion with their classmates and teachers about how "culture" defines art and what art is or is not. No school day is the same or monotonous. In the TGS, every school day differs from the day before.

The students of TGS come from all over the world and from all walks of life, but share the sincere desire to experience the big world around them and to contribute to it. In cooperation with the host schools and local charities, they will take part in a unique philanthropic project each trimester and create meaningful work in the sense of service and thus give it back to the city in which they live.

TGS students and teachers will also use state-of-the-art technology to record their trips and share them with students from other schools in the host countries, in their hometowns and around the world. Students and teachers will blog on the TGS website, lesson plans will be posted online, and excursion videos will be streamed live over the internet. "It's an experiment that is limited to up to fifteen students in the first year. But we believe it will inspire countless children to get up from their desks and see the world outside of their classrooms," said Solomon.

THINK Global School is committed to creating the most advanced, extensive, and vibrant learning environment. All students and staff are provided with an Apple iPhone and MacBook and other technological tools that provide a digital platform for them to learn, synthesize, share and collaborate - the core tenets of the TGS experience. "How we teach at THINK Global School is just as important as what we teach," said McPike. "We are creating a mobile community of exceptional educators and students who will connect with the world, motivate it and influence it."

Applications for the ninth grade for 2010-2011 are currently being accepted.

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THINK Global School (TGS) is a private and non-profit high school opening fall 2010 that believes that the future of education requires flexibility and mobility, and that allows its students to cultivate a wider view of the world. TGS is relocated to a different international city each trimester. Over the course of four years, each student will have lived and studied in twelve countries. TGS adheres to the International Baccalaureate (IB) Program, US Curriculum and US Accreditation and offers its international students a challenging curriculum in English that prepares them for college or university through unparalleled teaching staff. For more information, please visit:

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