Psychopaths give people a second chance

Second chance for a relationship with narcissists?

Would you give a narcissist (undiagnosed) a 2nd chance? I've changed a lot. Separation was 2 years ago. I've never felt the way I do now. I rebuilt my life as a single parent. So my low confidence is a thing of the past. I am very proud of what I have achieved. Self-love is no longer abstract either. I've also dealt with narcissism.
But I am scared of what is being written about narcissists. I experienced my facets myself with him. But that he shouldn't feel anything, that he is cold as a machine and unscrupulous, that is incredibly difficult for me as an empathetic person to understand. And it scares me. Because on the other hand, there is this friendly side. I would be very interested in a narcissist's point of view! Can one really not help, but is instead doomed to mental abuse? Since I've actually assumed for the last 1.5 years that I have let go of him, my longing for him frightens me. Also comes from the fact that he's been flirty, but also insecure (?) With me for the last few months. Am i a co? I've met some men. I couldn't bargain with anyone like I could with him. He has everything that I think is good. Except for the dark side. But what if you now know it and learn to deal with it? And what does he do too? I'm excited for your answers! Thanks!

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