Do you want a better job

A welcome concern: the oversupply of jobs

During the entire course of studies, you worry about whether you will ever find your dream job. And suddenly there are two or more offers coming up? There are worse things.

Even if it is not really a cause for concern: If you are unexpectedly confronted with several attractive job offers, you can feel a little stressed at times. After all, there are several considerations that need to be taken into account: Which company have the best long-term career options? Where are you most likely to let off steam creatively? Which manager offers you the most freedom in structuring your working hours and your work environment? Which job has the most prestige factor - and where are the best chances of getting an even better job in case of doubt? Also not to be neglected is the question of where the best team structure and the most pleasant corporate culture can be found.

In order to make your decision easier, you should consider which activity you would most like to pursue: What seems most likely to be a meaningful activity, what you perceive to be varied - what makes you happy. If there is still more than one option left, it makes perfect sense to orientate yourself on the salary. But remember: Even the most amazing work with the best possible salary scheme can quickly lose its attractiveness if you are not on the same page with your team colleagues at all.

The trial period option

The time at which you can start working can also be worth considering: Do you need a regular income (again) very quickly - or do you want to take the opportunity to travel for a few more weeks or months? Another option would be to take one job right away and go through the trial period without rejecting the other job. If the work or the environment does not meet your expectations at all, a "change on the fly" is possible.

However, this should by no means be carried out lightly: If you switch to the supposedly safe second horse because of minor discrepancies, you will be all the more disappointed and frustrated if that does not turn out to be the better choice.

Get coached when in doubt

If you can't decide which of the available jobs to take on, there is still the option of simply throwing the dice. However, it is certainly more effective to talk to someone you trust - with professional experience - to go through evaluation platforms or to take advantage of job coaching. Desperation is by no means popular: after all, there are several employers who think that you are great. So you can also be of that opinion.