Where to buy postcard stamps

Where can I buy postage stamps?

Last updated July 1st, 2019

Do you want to send a package for a friend's birthday or do you need to send a letter? Not everything goes digital these days, sometimes we have to fall back on the postal service. You need stamps so that your shipments can also be sent. Finding these outside of Deutsche Post branches is not always easy. We want to make your search easier, and here is a practical list of where you can buy stamps.

Letter or parcel: which stamps do you need?

Whether postcard or letter, each has to have a different stamp. There is only one for postcards and letters 5 different sizes and amounts. Do you have the false postage stamp chosen and paid too little, then the letter will come back to you sent backif you have given a sender.

This is also the case with packages Weight and the size decisive for the price. There are different package sizes such as S and M. You do not stick postage stamps on packages, but rather Package brands. This is also available, for example, from post or some Kiosks with DHL station, where the package is weighed in advance.

since July 2019 are the prices for letters gone up. If you still have old stamps, you can still use them and you can Extra postage stamps buy with the missing amount.

There are also different prices for national and international shipping. Here you will find a clear table with the shipping method, prices and sizes for Germany-wide shipping:

You can buy stamps here

You can of course get stamps and parcel labels from Deutsche Post. However, if you have no post office in the immediate vicinity, you can also buy stamps in other shops and drop off your post there. Mostly these are DHL shops marked with the Post logo so that they are easy to find. We have compiled a handy list of stores that have bought stamps here.

  • German postal service
  • Lottery shops
  • Kiosks
  • Edeka branches that cooperate with Pin Mail-AG
  • McPaper

If you know of other stores that sell stamps, please send us an email to [email protected] and we will update this article.

Status: July 2019

Post picture: (c) Rorius / Shutterstock.com

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