What is the name of Boruto's eye

Boruto's right eye

The nature of Boruto's Eye is currently unknown.

We can speculate, however. First, we need to understand that both of Naruto's children are unique in the sense that Hyuga has traditionally preserved her bloodline by getting married within the branch family. Naruto is likely the first underdog to get married at the main office.

This is made even more complicated by the fact that Naruto is the reincarnation of the Asura, son of the Sage of the Six Paths and inherited the life energy of the Sage.

Thus, these are likely options

  • Byakugan: It is a normal Byakugan but is not fully awakened or controlled due to the mixing of bloodlines.
  • Tenseigan: In Naruto: The Last we learned something about Tenseigan, which corresponds to Byakugan, as does Rinnegan Sharingan.

I would bet my money on it, however - An Unknown Third Eye: Sharingan has Mangekyou skills. Kishimoto didn't get a chance to explore Byakugan that often because it wasn't the focus. The new writer now has the creative license under Kishimoto to explore Byakugan's limits and capabilities and its evolution.

Troll dé Mage


Interesting video. But Boruto is still in its infancy and we can speculate pretty much anything.


Nature is known now, it's dojutsu


@ Shashi456 The literal meaning of dojutsu is "eye techniques" ... Obviously, Bouto's eye technique. a dojutsu by definition ... which we don't know how it relates to byakugan and how mixing hyuga and uzumaki chakra affects it